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Immunisation Lock Rss

My 12 month old has just had his injections five days ago and since then he has gone from sleeping all night to waking every two hours screaming and being very clingy. The injection site is fine. Has anyone else encountered this kind of reaction and how long did it last?
I have seen this type of problem, has your baby settled down yet? normally it has lasted the 5 days. He could be going through a growth spurt, if you are concerned take him to the DR.
Thankyou Tanya for your reply. He did finally sleep again on the sixth night but woke again the next so it has to be another problem. The growth spurt idea is probably it or his next lot of teeth. He's drooling like a puppy!
I also am worried about immunisation, my babys father had fevoral convulsions when he was immunised, my son is going to be immunised on Friday if anyone has been through this with their child, could they please let me know what to expect and what i can do to help him, so i can be prepared if it does happen.

Mother of Reece - 24/01/03
go to this site girls if you scroll to the bottom it has the mmr facts. click on it and there are questions answered on page 2, or just read what ever interests you.
hope it answers some of your questions.

mary.NSW 11 month baby

My son has had a reaction to egg white when I gave him scrammbled eggs at 10months, he came up with hives all over his body. When he has egg in a cake etc, he gets little red dots all around his mouth. As the MMR vaccine is made in egg white I have to get this injected at hospital and they observe him for a few hours afterwards. I am also concerned about Autism in relation to the MMR vaccine as my son has Chrones disease on both sides of his family. Has anyone had a similar experience with eggs in relation to the MMR vaccine, his appointment is on 4th August. Does anyone have an autistic child and relate it to the MMR vaccine, I do understand that this has not been scientifically proven in relation to the MMR vaccine. Please let me know of any early detection signs. The percentage rate is 1 in every 250 births, this seems higher than down syndrome! I am very concerned, if not paranoid!
Hi Sasha, My son is severely allergic to eggs and we also had to have our little man immunised at the hospital just incase of a reaction. I am pleased to say that there wasn't really any reaction. He did vomit 10 mins after but we think that was because he got himself so worked up over the injection and he had only just had a bottle. Other then that he was perfectly okay no temperatures at all that night or a week after which we were warned is a normal reaction. As for it being cultivated in egg white apparently that is what used to happen but now it is cultivated in chick cells at least that is what the hospital told us. As for the Down Syndrome I can not give you an answer. Though I do know someone who works with special need kids and they have said that they believe it is more coincidental then anything and just as many of the kids he works with that have had the injection are autistic as kids who haven't. All the best I am sure things will be fine. It is a tough decision to make but don't let any one make you feel guilty what ever you decide. I will say a little pray for you on the day.

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Hi Piglet
Thanks for your prayers, I hope all goes well on the day.
All the best to you and your little man.
Sasha & baby Jesse
My husband and I haven'tt Immunised our five month old daughter Emma due to what it can do and those stories we've heard. It seems even if you do immunise you get it anyway. My hubby's brother almost died and my hubby has gotten every sickness under the sun and aslo almost died yet both were immunised. Also our daughter was born with kidney problems, it could weaken her when we want her o get better. I'd rather be safe than sorry. But then am I crazy not too? Also those who an't immunised how did you get though it though the years without getting sick? please email me on [email protected]

Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06

Hi Jessica,
I understand your concern, but immunisation does work. I too was immunised, but I still got the measles twice, and mumps and rubella, however, had I not been immunised, my illness would have been far worse, and I could have died. You say you hubby and his brother got sick and almost died, and they had been immunised. ALMOST is the key word. If they hadn't been immunised, they most likely would have died. I strongly urge you to get you daughter immunised ASAP. It is not too late to start. She can catch up. If you are concern about reactions, get her done at the hospital, where she will have medical treatmeat immediatly if need be. It would be much better to be safe then sorry. What if she does contract one of these preventable illnesses, and something happens. You will blame yourself for the rest of your life. This is not a good way to live, as my friend cousin is currently going through this now. She lost her 8 month old son to measles 4 months ago because he had not been immunised. Her reason: He was allergic to eggs, and the measles vaccine contains egg. Please re-think your decision. I had kidney problems as a child too, and being immunised had no affect on me in that matter.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Jessica
I have done some research into immunisations for children and it is apparently a very low percentage of children that have any type of reaction to the immunisations. I was also worried about my son as he has kidney and heart problems. My doctor told me that if he were to get any of the immunisation diseases he would probably die due to his ill health. My son has also had the pneumococle vaccine, this is the vaccine that is not paid for by the government although I got it for free because of his heart problem. My son also goes to day care and I don't think many day care centres allow children who have not been vaccinated - this may be another reason you may want to re-think your decision to not immunise. I think that it is important to immunise children after the research and medical advice I have taken, I think you should re-visit your GP for a chat. Best of luck with your decision.
Hi to all

My husband and I have decided not to immunise our son or our new baby. My son just recently had the chicken pox but due to prayer and I believe a good diet our son was fine.

I and my husband had bad reactions to immunistation. My view is that I support those who choose but I think that people should also support us who dont.

Good luck with your child

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