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Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with my daughters new problem!!
She has started crying after about 15 minutes of being in her pram, this is a real problem because i walk a lot.
I have tried taking toys with us but this doesnt make a difference.
Any advice would be muchly appreciated!
thankyou, julia

julia, tas, 8mth baby

Hi Julia,

Sorry to hear about your daughter as I know it must be hard on you. I walk a lot too and it must be hard if bubs is crying.

You are probably already doing this as your bubs is 6 months, but is she sitting up in her pusher or does she lie down? My friend had the same problem but once her bub was sitting up and could see the trees, birds etc she was fine.

Just a suggestion. Good-luck and I hope she starts to enjoy her walks with you.

Mum & Baby Girl 31.05.04

No, she usually sleeps on her back, I think shes just being naughty because if i give her something to munch on then shes quiet for a minute till she gets bored with that.
I just dont know!!!!!!!

julia, tas, 8mth baby

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