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I am a RN and my baby is 5 1/2 months old she is my first and i am looking at going back to work in january, only to about 6 days a f/night. I know this sounds silly but i want my baby to have a close mummy baby relationship and i don't know if me working will change that. My mum never had to work and we have always had a wonderful relationship. I don't want my baby to become a little distant from me. (Being stupid aren't i)

Karli QLD

Hi Emmy's mummy
I have just gone back to work and I know what you are talking about - its the thought of leaving your buddle or joy (of buddles in my case) with a strangeer who they will instantly love and forget about you! I am lucky as I have my mum in town who has just finished her teacher traning and was wanting to do some more part time study so she offered to be our nanny - as the boys already know her and have a place in their hearts for her I stopped feeling like I would become forgotten by them - Where will your bub be when you are at work? Maybe by getting to know the people/person who will be looking after her and her getting to know them first will help you? Good luck with it
Hi Karli,

My first shift back at work is tonight. My baby boy is only 5 months old and as the day goes on, I am becoming more upset.

I am a police officer so I work shift work as well. Are you going back part time? I am working 5 shifts a fortnight as a part time worker. As part of the agreement to entice mothers to return to work, I was able to 'set' my shifts. This means I can work every day that my baby is in day care etc.

My son goes to daycar twice a week for 12 hours. He absolutely loves it and I am always told that it is good for babies to socialise with other kids at a young age.

I am working 3 night shift one week, which are Fri, Sat, Sun nights and then Tues and Fri days the following week.

During the night shifts, my husband is home with him. I thought this would be best as Samuel will be asleep for most of the time that I am gone so he wont have the chance to miss me that much smile , plus I will get the experience that comes with working nights. On the Tue and Fri he is in daycare.

It is only 9 hours until I start work.. By that time I will be a mess!!


Mum to Samuel - 3 and Jordy - 22 months

hi Michelle
I am sorry about you workplace situation, that is horrible that they won't give you part time work or even put you little one in the nursery. I feel for you.
I ahev been talking about this with lots of friends and although it's doesn't change the fact that you have to go back to work apparently babies and mothers cherish and become more inseparable during the time they have togther if the mother works. I like to think that is true, it helps me to deal a little better.

Karli QLD

Hi Amee
How did it go??
I am sure Samuel did fine but how did you go?

Let me know how you are doing with you night shift coz i thought about doing night shift so i wouldn't miss much of Emily and she wouldn't miss much of me but i wasn't sure of how i'd cope with lack of sleep.

Karli QLD

Hi Karli,

So far so good!!

I have just finish my first lot of 5 shifts over a fortnight. The night shifts were really good. I got home at 7am which is the time Samuel wakes up. I got him up, changed him, fed him and then had a little sleep with him. My husband then took him so I could have some sleep.

When I woke up and after I got ready for work, I once again fed Samuel and played with him for a while. I left for work and shortly after my husband put Samuel to bed.

I was a mess at work because I thought that Samuel would miss me etc but it was the complete opposite! I missed him but I knew that he would be safe and sound asleep.

In my case I think working the night shifts are better as I got to atleast see Samuel. I worked two days shifts in a row. When I left for work, Samuel was in bed asleep. When I got back from work, Samuel was in bed asleep. I then went to work the next day, again he was asleep in the morning and when I got home. Although I saw him, he didn't see me for two whole days.

Your situation may be different to mine and what works for some, doesn't work for others but if you want to work night shifts, I would definately recommend it.

I hope this helps


Mum to Samuel - 3 and Jordy - 22 months


I am going back to work 2.5 days a week in 2 weeks!! The closer it gets the more stressed I am getting. Dh is looking after her for the half day and she will be in day care for the 2 days. The daycare is onsite at work (I work at a hospital, and no Im not a nurse LOL!) I think I am getting stressed as for 10 mths it has just been me and her, I have no family in Melbourne and all of my friends either work or dont have kids. She is not very good with strangers (understatment of the century!!!), I even have to hold her why I get my waxing done as she doesnt like the beauty therapist touching me!! Any sage words of advice ? Also I am still bf so I am stressing a little about how we are going to manage that. She is on 3/day but I also have to work shifts. I am seriously considering seeing if I can get a medical certificate to say I cant work shift at the moment and waiting until we have stopped bf. Gee if some of my colegues can use the fact that they dont sleep very well to get out of shift work Im sure bf would be a better excuse! (weening is not an option at the moment due to various reasons number one being I dont want to)

Thanks for listening to my ramblings


Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

Hi Karli
I went back to work part time when my son was only 4 months old. (There are a lot of reasons why I did this but that's irrelevant here.) My dad is retired so he looks after Lachlan for me which put my mind at ease, I know he's with someone who loves him and will take good care of him. The first week back was really hard, I cried everyday, but it does get easier. I've been back at work now 5 months (3 of them at full time) and the best thing at the end of the day is seeing my beautiful little mans face light up with a huge smile for his dad & I when we pick him up. We smother him with love and kisses and we get the best cuddles right back from him. So don't worry about losing that relationship, you won't, you'll both appreciate your time together in the evenings and on your days off even more. Just show your beautiful bubs how much you love her and you'll both blossom.
Good luck with it all!!

Michelle,SA, Lachlan & Holly

So great that you get to see your son, your right about the nights they are onyl sleeping anyway (us lucky ones anyhow!
it must have been so hard to first leave your son,

I just hope that you are getting enough sleep in the day..., smile


Liam Evan, 2

Hi Michelle
Thankyou for you lovely words of encouragement, it is making it sound so much easier, i suppose you will always have a special place in their hearts because you are their mummy after all hey.
I will be sure to let you know how i go
thanks again

Karli QLD

My daughter is now 17mths old and I went back to fulltime work when she was only 6mths old. This was one of the hardest things for me to do. I was so worried that Maddison would forget me and because she is staying with my mum( one on one contact) I was paranoid that mum was going to take over and my daughter forget about me and think she was her mum) Or something like that anyway.
Well that was silly and stupid of me. I still feel guilty because I don't get to spend as much time with her as I would like but Mum and her have a really good relationship but she will never compare to the love that my daughter has for me. Kids know who there parents are and will always have a special bond with them, don't worry yourself, just make sure that she will be looked after wherever she will be staying. And allow yourself to breath and relax while she is away!! Trust me they love their mums especially, nothing will ever break that bond!! Good Luck!!
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