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Sleep routines when on holiday Lock Rss

Hi, my 9 mth son fights sleep all the time. When he does sleep, it's only in his car seat or cot, not his pram. I'm planning to go interstate during Christmas and we'll be staying in a hotel. I'm worried about his naps and night sleep and feel that we may be confined to the hotel room at nights if he won't sleep in his pram. Any advice is appreciated!

Natasha, Melb, 9mth boy


We too are going to be interstate for Christmas and have been worried about sleep patterns.

Fortunatly we are going to be staying at me parents house so hopefully it will be ok.

My suggestion would be to get Xander attached to a particular planky or something that is familiar that he can cuddle up to and feel secure with.

You might just find that if he is getting tired that if you give him his 'blanky' etc that he will feel content enough to doze off.

Hope this helps, at least its an option.

Have a safe and happy trip.
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