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Which summer blankets are best for bubs? Lock Rss

Hi Huggies mums,

As the temp has risen so quickly, can anyone tell me what material is best to cover bubs in the cot?

I'm not the sort of person who uses all year round quilts. So are the cotton cellular blankets cool enough or anything better out there for bubs?

Much appreciate your suggestions!

Sarah, Mikayla's mum. Sydney

Hi Sarah.

At the moment as it is quite hot, i'm just using a sheet during the day, I do have the cotton blankets, which I actually used during winter aswell. I have 2 and just folded them over, but as its getting hotter now, i may during the night just use one and have it single (not folded) But if there is something better, i'd love to hear about it aswell.

Julie, mum to Abby 05/02/04 & Joel 12/04/07

What about the muslin wraps? I used them last summer for my little girl and they were great - really lighweight.

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Thanks Julie & Lili for your suggestions.

Think I'll just use a sheet in the warmer days as suggested. And if it gets cool then use a single cotton (cellular) blanket &/or have bubs in her sleeping bag outfit (as she kicks off the sheet & blanket now).

As for the muslin wrap, her cot is too big for me to tuck in at the sides. Thanks again.

Sarah, Mikayla's mum. Sydney

I love my muslin wrap, it is so lightweight and I have a baby who needs to be wrapped or e doesnt sleep, mine is big enough for a 15 month old to be wrapped I only hope mine doesnt need to be wrapped at that age.
If you cant get hold of a muslin wrap one to two meters of cheesecloth is almost the same!!! and it is cheap wnogh at spotlight and othe material shops
also another really good wrap that i bough was a bambino baby wrap its is a weird shape but great to wrap with

Jane, sydney, tyler(5mths) Jaycob (8yrs)

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