Hi!, i'm sure i'm not the only mum who's child has been bitten at childcare/preschool
But i wanted to know what can be done? My son has been bitten twice by the same child. The center has rang me on both occasions to say that there is no tolerance for biting but this child is still in there?
They assured me that they would try and help this child and help the parents too so that he can learn that its wrong, but it has happened again.
Its very frustrating because my son is only a year old and i feel that he is too little to know that this kid is approaching him to bite him and has no chance at defending himself
I had already told the childcare center that if it happened again i would be considering changing centers but really, i feel that the child that is biting should be the one that goes?
that might be very selfish of me to say but all the other children are at risk as well and if the parents cant/wont do anything to help him than why should the others be in danger?
please tell me your thoughts and also what options there are?
I'm also sure that this has happened to the little ones in his room but because of confidentiality nothing can be shared and discussed.
Looking forward to hearing back from you guys
Thank you so much