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Her benstyles12. I would recommend maybe not having your cat around your daughter while shes sleeping as they are prone to sleeping on babys heads, so as long as you have her door shut or the cat away while she sleeps that should be okay smile
Thanks Ebony Smith smile I was wondering what should I do for the pee smell problems for my cat, should i use litter boxes or something?
Got the perfect litter box and solved my all concerns smile
Everyone got vanished:/
anyways, I was thinking if anyone could get help from here like I got:
Hi There! WOW! Congrats! You're really lucky to have this privilege. More importantly, you are a great person to take this responsibility! Stay strong and determined, you'll do fine. So, yeah! I've seen many videos on youtube. Single fathers and same-sex parents taking care of babies...It's really a unique and bold move! So, yeah! You can hire a babysitter or maid to help you go through it...But, still, daughters are close to fathers. So, eventually, you'll do fine. With time, you'll be able to fulfill your responsibility. Just remain calm and happy!
Hi sarah thank you so much, everything is going very smoothly except for my cats :/
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