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Baby monitor for twins? Lock Rss

Hello guys,

I am new member into this forum. Opened my account here few minutes ago. I am a mother of 2 daughters (twins). I am much interested to use baby monitor in order to take care of them. So, recommended the best one.

Thank you!
I don't have twins but if I was expecting them I'd just buy a single audio only monitor. If you want video or movement monitors you're going to have to buy two which seems like a big cost for not much benefit to me. If you have your daughters in the same room a single audio monitor will be sufficient for both.

I've only ever used the audio monitors with my son and it was more than sufficient.

I only have experience with oricom and Motorola brand monitors. I originally had an oricom which broke and was replaced under warranty after ~2-3months. The replacement then broke as well a month later so we ended up returning it and buying a Motorola one which has worked now for more than 2 years. That said the oricom one was nicer!

Hope that helps.
Actually I am looking for video monitor not audio. If you know about a good one please recommend.
Great baby monitor from MonBaby. I have been using it for about a year and I am completely satisfied, there have never been failures and problems, the signal is quite wide. I have a big house and baby monitors are enough around the house and yard territory.
We use this wifi cam for my son, we can view the videos on my phone. I find it too much if I'd still hold a different monitor when checking the baby. We plan to use the wifi cam on our front porch when he's already old enough.
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