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Mimos Pillow or Cranial Helmet??? Lock Rss

Hi everyone, My son is almost 5 months old and has a mild flat spot on the back of his head. My health nurse noticed this when he was around 2 - 3 months old. Since then I have been trying my best to keep him off that spot. I have recently purchased a bumbo seat & a jolly jumper to keep him off his back while he is awake, he is also still getting used to being on his tummy as he suffered from bad reflux early on and tummy time was painful for him. The only problem is he is currently a serial cat napper through the day taking approx 5 - 30 minute naps (I have tried everything to change this) so he is on his back a lot during the day and then again at night. I have tried changing the cot position, turning his head the opposite way etc nothing has worked! He has seen a physio and had his neck muscles checked which where all fine & he has a full range of movement. My question is would a mimos pillow make any real difference to his flat spot or am I better off getting the cranial helmet fitted? as I have heard there is a time frame to have one fitted by. Thank you in advance
Hi Jessica,
I know I am replying to very old post but I have same issue with my 5 months. Did you manage to get your baby's head fixed if so what did you do?

I am looking at options too
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