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I was just wondering whether getting a a baby monitor. Do they make you feel safer about your child's safety? If you've got one, what type, and who bought it?
When my DD was born we did not have one. We were living in a two storey house at the time.Then the day she came home from hospital she went up into her bed (straight in the cot in her own room) I was making bottles in the kitchen. Then I walked out of the kitchen to go up stairs and she was crying. Could not hear her from the kitchen. So we went and got one. Just a simple one. I think it was a Roger Armstrong or something like that. It did not make me feel any safer but made it easier for us to hear her when she would wake when we were down stairs or outside and she was in bed.

Good luck.


We have one, even in a small house I find it really good, ours has a camera so you can keep an eye on them as well for your own peace of mind.

On NZ consumers website the one they recommend the most is a cheap kmart one, which has a camera & its only $130. So if your not wanting to spend a lot I would recommend that one. We have it & it works perfectly, no issues.

I'm going to use angel care sound and breathing monitor my sister will pass it down to me. She swears by it and I love that it detects breathing think there $300 ish
I am the proud owner of a baby monitor from MonBaby. Indeed, we bought it for the safety of the baby, just to calm ourselves. At first, we were very afraid to move away from the child, so that nothing would happen, we always listened if he breathes during sleep. But the baby monitor showed itself from the good side, so we started to leave the baby alone.
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