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Cheaper refills for Sangenic bin? Lock Rss

does anyone know if diaper genie refill cassettes fit in a Sangenic bin?
They are so much cheaper!

Or, does anyone know where to get cheaper Sangenic refills from or any cheaper refills that fit the Sangenic bin?

Thanks so much
I have been using Sangenic plus bin since my first baby and I am very satisfied with that. However I found the refills expensive too. Finally I found a special foil Sanuten, which can be used instead. Try to check Hope it will help a bit...
We have discovered Czech Sametic foil, they are cheap, sending to Australia and NZ, too
The Sanuten foil is also from czech republic. It's available in various lenghts. I deceided to test it so I just sent them an e-mail, received a reply, paid via Paypal. After a few days it was home. The foil works fine and unlike the refills, it is much cheaper...
Sametic is selling also on eBay, Amazon, they have already history, plenty of satisfied users all over the world, and even in NZ and Australia... you can pay them via PayPal, bank transfer, bank card...
Hi Guys,
Check out this product designed here in Australia -

PooTube is:
Cheaper Alternative compared to the original Sangenic refill
PooTube liner refill length 8 metres
Pre-formed to fit existing Sangenic plastic cassette
No mucking around to reload the cassette. The Sanuten foil is very fiddly and can drive you nuts to refill.
PooTube can be refilled in under 30 seconds - Check out the video on the page.
The Nile are $70 for a 6 pack compared to $80-90! other places. smile
Hi All,
If you want a cheap refill for the nappy bins, try these from ebay.
You basically reuse your cassettes and refill the plastic liner using their kit.
Ive tried them and they're really good and cheap, worked out at about $3/refill
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