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when is too soon to return to work?? Lock Rss

The other issue that would need considering is who is going to care for your child when you work, I've not heard of a centre that would take a baby at least 6 weeks, but most are even older.

Personally I couldn't conceive of working so soon. I was still feeding 3 hourly. I went back at six months with my first, and I regret it massively even now sad You need to think about your emotional well being, and how you will look back on this time. Newborns literally change everyday, not being there to witness that would be heartbreaking.

I was studying when I had DD, The way my uni was if I went back it was fulltime or nothing. DD was born mid december, and uni was going back start of feb so she would have been about 6 weeks. Even if I had wanted to I couldnt find a daycare that would take them from under 3 months old. So I had to take a year out. Love that I got that time with her.

With DS I couldnt afford unpaid leave so planned to go back once my paid maternity leave and annual leave had run out (would have been about 6 months). In the end the boss wouldnt pay me my annual leave and DH got a bonus from work so I managed to stay home til 9 months unpaid. Was glad because I wouldnt have wanted to go back sooner. And I just worked night shifts so DH was there overnight (and DS slept through so I didnt miss too many feeds etc). I didnt put him in daycare until he was almost 2 when I changed jobs.
I depends on you, bleeding will have ended six weeks after delivery, and tearing or stitches should have healed by that point. Many new moms find it much easier to return to work after their bodies have healed from childbirth
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