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So, I'm thinking as my third bub is due in the middle of our hot QLD summer and I'll have two little ones in nappies, I might invest in a nappy bin of some sort to eliminate some of the odour etc! (Never had one before but as I've not many things to buy in preparation for this baby, I thought I'd look into this!)
I would like to avoid any large on-going costs, I have heard/read the baby u nappy safe is a good option...
Any opinions/suggestions?! Does the tommee tippee one require specific bags etc?

yeah I was given a nappy bin and never bothered getting the cartridge refills anyway... they're so expensive. We just put a normal plastic bag in it. its bulky and you still have to change it every few nappies. Honestly I'd just get a normal bin with a lid that you can use for something else later smile
Yep I ot a couple of good sturdy buckets with tight fitting lids and have never notice the smell escaping
Lol, yeah I gathered they weren't very popular! Has anyone actually had one they've liked? wink
Rosie Mumma wrote:
Waste of money! If you just get a bin with a lid and use those scented little nappy bags you'll be fine wink

I second this. We had a nappy bin an it cost alot and would get full fast. We ended up getting a normal bin and using scented nappy bags. cheap and effective grin
The normal nappy bags are not cutting it in this heat! Thinking I'll try the closed bin with my own baking soda remedy.. But was hoping some people had some good experiences with an actual happy bin!
We just made sure we only had a small bin as our nappy bin. That way it had to be emptied often. You're best to just empty the bin every night. Make it part of the routine when you put bubs to bed. I also kept a can of glen 20 handy and gave the bin a quick spray (not much to avoid the spray filling the room) before putting a fresh bag in.

I've got the sanex bin and when I got tge cartridges to refill was cheaper getting second bin 4 free.

I actually notice the difference as they do minimize odur but its costly.

I keep 1 upstairs in the babies room & 1 downstairs in the laundry.

I now just line the bins with vanilla scented tidy bags from aldi and ech nappy change use the nappy sacks. No smell at my house with 20 nappy changes a day!
I had a sangenic but it got expensive buying the cartridges. It kind of contained the smell but now I just put the pooey nappies in a bag and take them straight out to our big bin outside.

I was given one as well with refill cartridges from my sil, she hardly used it so gave it to me. I used it in the early days when I was still using up disposables, but it concerned me about the environmental impact. probably silly but I thought sposies were bad enough then to wrap them in another layer of plastic that isn't degradable (I researched the bags tongue) really turned me off. So I started to just throw them in the bin unwrapped (in a bag I mean). I'm not using it at all now, especially now I'm using mcn's. but did use it as a 'normal' bin in bubs room for a while lol smile

I got a nappy bin with number 1, and actually used it and liked it for all 3!! wink

I had a Diaper Nanny. It wasn't terribly expensive to buy from memory and the refills weren't too costly - about $18 but they'd last for 4 months or so. I found it eliminated all odour until we started solids, then I bagged the dirty nappies before putting them in and it was great smile I have a 2 storey house so I didn't want to be constantly running down to put dirty nappies in the outside bin.
I live on the Gold Coast & have gone through this problem. We just had a step bin where you push lever with your foot & lid lifts up. Just had rubbish bags in it. Had to empty every few days because of the smell. Used lots of Glen 20 as well.

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