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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what they think is best and most of all WHY... We are now starting to look at what things to buy for our first baby, we have no idea but we are figuring it all out.
What has us in a pickle the most is to use Disposable nappies or those new environmental washable ones? I like the idea of saving the dollars in my purse (and the environment) but are they just as good as the disposables? Am I creating extra work with having to wash them or are they really as good as they sound on the label?
Main thing -are they good for you baby - last thing I want is a baby with a very sore bottom with nappy rash sad

I know its a personal preference but if we can get an idea of the pros and cons we would be most grateful.

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I recommend staring with disposables.

Disposables for the first few weeks would mean you have more time to sleep and eat smile and less nappy changes. As a disposable can last all night if not pooed in.

After a few weeks or months if you feel confident to use MCNs then I would try them out.
Thank you - that makes sense !! grin

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I've never used cloth nappy's so i really cant comment much about them. I use disposables, tried a few less expensive brands but ended up going back to Huggies. i never liked the idea of having to soak and wash pooy nappies everyday so that was my main reason to not use them. Just to add also my little girl has had nappy rash once (she's 17 months) and that was only because i tried a cheaper brand of nappy, so people saying that babies who wear disposables always get nappy rash isn't true, it entirely depends on your baby.
I love the idea of reusables.. They're kind to bubbas skin and would cost less... BUT.. And that's a big but... Where I live we rely 100% on our rainwater supply as we don't have access to mains. So having that issue made me think of all the extra water you use... Lots and lots of washing. With 2 kids and a trucky hubby who needs his uniform washed after one use, our washing is never up to date as it is.. So it's just not going to happen here! We literally CANNOT run out of water either so I can't be rinsing and washing extra stuff.

In terms of which disposables... When dd was born 6 and a bit years ago we were on the bones of our bums so I was very very keen to find a cheap brand nappy. Anyway... A lot of the ones I bought caused dd to get nappy rash. I knew it was the brand because it went away as soon as I stopped using them. I can't remember which brands were causing this now... So then I found the cheaper brand that didn't cause nappy rash, pretty sure snugglers were okay there. However I noticed that I was having to buy nappies more frequently.. So I did my own little test. I bought the cheaper nappies, and each day I wrote down how many nappies I'd been through.

I did this for 2 weeks, and then I bought Huggies and wrote down how many per day for another 2 weeks.

Anyway... The result ended up being that I changed the cheaper ones much more frequently because otherwise they'd leak. Some brands I even used twice as many as I did with Huggies... Which meant it saved me nothing buying cheaper, and in some cases even cost more as well as caused more work for me with so many changes and leakages.

So when ds was born I didn't bother with any other brands. I'm a loyal Huggies buyer now!!

I used disposables for first 2 weeks then Real Nappies after that. I used them overnight too until about 3 months of age and now i use a huggies disposable overnight in a larger size as ds is a heavy wetter. I like mcns because they dont have the chemicals etc that reusables have and ds has never had nappy rash. I also made myself some cloth wipes as im washing nappies anyway i might as well wash wipes too.
I bought my newborn and infant set off trade me brand new for maybe $120 and my crawler set cost about $130 from the website so i feel like ive saved a heap of money!! I dry pail, put them on a rinse cycle and then wash every 2-3 days. Covers are dry in a few hours and inserts dry quick too. Literally less then an hour in full sunlight and all stains are gone and theyre brand new again! Although its not thaaaaaaaaaat much extra work, it was a treat for me the time he had diarrhea and i used disposables for the week haha

MCN's are SOO much easier then you might think. Depending on the type they pretty well go on like a disposable but instead of chucking them in the bin, just chuck them in a dry bucket until wash time. That's usually recommended every 2-3 days. The majority of my stash is cushie tushies ( they have premium and budget nappies and they also have eco-disposable (compostable) inserts for cloth nappies. They are a one size fits most snap in nappy.
Have a look on Facebook if you are on there, there are a couple of MCN groups like buy and sell, as well as MCN review groups where you can ask questions and get info you need. Also try for info related to nappies.
I hate the waste of disposables which is why I decided to use cloth. Even now there have been cbf days or when it rains a lot where I will use sposies, or usually when im gonna be out most of the day Ill use sposies and still feel weird throwing them away! I hate the waste of them, but they have their place. A combo of both works well for me. I save so much money which is the main reason I chose cloth smile

country_yobbo wrote:
I bought one pack of huggies disposable newborn nappies, once they were finished I move onto MCN nappies during the day and a disposable at night.
I use cheapo MCNs that I got from China off eBay. They are about $5 each including postage. I bought them for my first daughter and they have lasted my second as well. Will probably have to get new ones when I have a third though. But they get each get worn once a day (I have a dryer) so I think they are amazing value. They fit from 5kgs to 15kg
My kids get nappy rash from disposables if they wear them for more than 3 days in a row (like when we're on holidays ect) no matter which brand I use.
If you want a link to the type I use I'd be happy to share.
I used to use huggies on the kids at night but have just bought a cheapo pack of 'Happy' nappies off and even though they look and feel like the cheapest quality nappy they are as good as huggies.

Hi Country Yobbo, can you post the link for me please? Thanks!! smile

Bunny Rabbit & Little Flea wrote:
If anyone wants to try mcns but doesn't want to spend heaps I am selling my whole stash because I'm finished with them. I am in Perth but I'm happy to post (buyer pays postage). Pm me if you would like to see the photos and prices smile

Please PM the details and cost to send over and I will show other half and see what he says - Maybe its worth the try depending on the cost? Thank you.

WOW - A lot of reading ... THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your input!!! It would appear that it really is a trial and error. I think I will have to do a little more research and maybe just have to trial and see how it goes. I will look at the websites some of you have posted on here and see how that goes but its been great to get some feedback!!
I have learnt a lot and its good to know that Huggies are a great brand too which I am not surprised grin

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Link worked country_yobbo smile

Will show other half and have a read up - Thank you grin

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I used disposables for the first 2 weeks then itti bitti modern cloth nappies smile
I use mcn's most of the time, but when we go away/out and about for long periods of time I use disposables. I guess it's best to just see what works best for you and bub smile
Although I have known of people to buy 100+ mcn's while pregnant and they didn't agree with bub so they had to sell them all.
I bought 8 to begin with to see how they went smile now gradually increasing my stash and trying different brands/types
I used disposables with my DD. I tried a few of the cheaper brands and they were not good for her skin so have used Huggies the whole time and find them great - minimal issues with nappy rash, good absorbency and very few incidents that have escaped the nappy

That said, next time I am probably going to get MCN's as well. I will use disposables for the first few weeks as newborns poo a lot and I know I won't have the energy to be washing nappies as well as puked on clothing and everything else. After that I will use MCN's but would still have a stash of disposables for going out. I would be interested to know from other mums how absorbent MCN's are once the baby sleeps through the night. I think MCN's could save me a lot of money next time, as I go through a box of Huggies every week and at $33 a box, the cost adds up!

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