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Bath vs Shower? Lock Rss

Hi All

I was just wondering your opinions on Bath vs Shower.
My bub is 10weeks old and I mainly shower him. Due to time restraints and being on tank water, I find it easier to have a shower with him. I occasionally give him baths and he dosent seem to mind either way.

However alot of people have told me its bad for him. His ears will get infections, he wont like bodies of water as he grows, and he will struggle to learn to swim when he is older, are just some things I have been told.

So I want to know if this is the case for anyone else. Or if anyone has had problems with Showers vs Baths. I dont want to harm my bub, but I prefer to shower him, so I would like to know other peoples experinces.

I wouldn't worry about what people tell and go with your instincts smile

I showered my 2 youngest more than I bathed them. My DD loved the shower as a newborn and would kind of put herself under the stream of water... at first we thought she was throwing herself back because we were not supporting her properly but we soon realised that even when we held her well she would still try. These 2 have never had ear infections, love swimming, and enjoy both baths and showers.... lots like whenever they get a chance. laugh

I think that it is good for a baby to get used to different ways to be washed because sometimes when you go away people might not have baths and showers may be nessecary.

It is important though coming into winter that the room is warm for infants because they can get cold quick.
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My hubby has showered our DD from a very early age... I can't remember to be exact but she has never once had an ear infection from it. She loves her "sowsow" as she calls it. My daughter loves the water, no matter what it is. Bath, shower or swimming.
Where do people come up with some of this stuff??? Ear infections and developing a fear of water, and finding it hard to swim .... WHAT THE??? LOL

My daughter had both baths and showers and LOVES the water. At our last house we didnt have a bath so there was only one option. Sometimes I made her a 'bath' in the laundry tub which she enjoyed (and saves on water).

If children dont like water I find it hard to believe it was because they were showered as a baby.

Just do whatever you find easiest smile
Na don't listen to other people, they come up with all kinds of rubbish lol

We have bathed and showered dd since early on, she still has a shower with daddy in the morning and a bath on her own at night now and she is 20 months and we haven't had any probs grin

Both my boys had bath's when they where babies. Then they both outgrow their bath so now they have shower's with us. It so much easier for me to jump into the shower with them bath them, hand them to daddy and he gets them dried & dress.

Do what is easy for you & don't worry what others say.

I dont think that it matters really - whatever is convenient.
You know some crazy people chick.
Don't worry about what they say smile I totally hear you on the time saving. I started giving my son showers when he outgrew his little baby bath (so a few months old). He loved the shower, has never had an ear infection, & is a real water baby and loves the odd bath or going to the beach. At just over 1 he mostly has showers everyday (way easier and faster) but sometimes a bath just for his enjoyment. I used to carry him when he was small, and when he was old enough he sat in the bottom of the shower and played smile
Thanks for all your posts...

Bub has been having showers ever since we got home from hospital and Ive never had a prob... but so many have told me its bad.... So I was just after some second opinions..

Showers are sooo much easier, exspecially as its just me and bub, as hubby works at the mines... so thanks for the reassurance that it is ok grin

I dont think that it matters really - whatever is convenient.
You know some crazy people chick.

Haha.. agree! tongue
Dd had baths from new born till six months exclusively, has done her swimming lessons and used paddle pools and she freaking hates bodies of water like pools and the beach.

If you think about it babies in baths would be more prone to ear infections because their ears are submerged in water regularly. This is hypothetical of course.

You need to use logic yo choose which advice is rubbish and which is worthwhile. Grab some pamphlets from your local child health clinic or maybe a book from the library. If you check out the raising children network website ( just type raising children network into Google) you will get info collaborated from over 120 experts from all aspects of childhood health. The info from these sources is up to date and trust worthy.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

yup i agree with everyone else. no harm in it from my experience we've bith showered and bathed all 3 of our kids and never had an issue related to showering.

its actually handy, as pp said, to have a bub thats happy to shower, weve been on several trips where there was no bath availible but the kids were more than happy to jump in the shower smile

just keep doing what works for you smile
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