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Huggies Jumbo Nappies Boxes - NEW ZEALAND Lock Rss

To all our valued Huggies members in New Zealand; two years ago we increased the number of nappies in our Jumbo pack range (except Newborn) by 10% without putting our prices up, and we launched the new Junior size Jumbo boxes. Unfortunately we can no longer keep this up due to increasing costs to our business. As a valued Huggies Baby Club member we wanted to let you know that we made the decision to take out the extra nappies we added to the Jumbo box in 2010 and return them to their original counts, and that Junior size Huggies Jumbo boxes will have a new pack size of 60 nappies. These new Jumbo packs will be on shelf in NZ from mid May onwards. That said all our other nappy pack sizes will remain the same.

Huggies is committed to delivering the best quality products for you and your baby, and providing value to our customers in many other ways through our Huggies Baby Club and special offers and promotions.

The Huggies Team

The Moderating Team are on board to respond to any questions that you have about these changes. Please drop us a line in this thread, and we will do our best to answer your queries smile
i should say thank you as i'm sure in the next year we will start buying these..
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