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Making your own baby wipes Lock Rss

Ahhhhh gosh.... Sorry ladies, I haven't been back to this thread in ages!

Thankyou for all your ideas by the way, I will definately be keeping some of your suggestions in mind smile
I like using tissues and cetaphil cream. We have some dermititus issues and this has been the most effective. I just grab a tissue, wipe some cream on it then use it. Cetaphil does not have any parabens or SLS in it. The doctor said this is was one of the best ways to clean up after a dirty nappy. They don't need to be cleansed with soap/soap substitute everytime, just as long as the poo is all removed.
We tried making our own to be more green, but decided on an even better alternative. We now buy organic wipes by MADE OF. They are great! Certified organic, chemical and toxin-free, and very affordable.
Make wipes with baby oil. Babies love their oil fragrance.
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