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So my partner announces today that he wants to get one of those 'hygenic nappy bins' that wraps the nappys when you put them in. I think they are meant to elminate odours? Seems expensive to me and you have to buy refills. When i said that to dp he said "i really think we should get one because i hate pooey nappies" (pretty sure he has never changed a nappy in his life as we are expecting our first baby and he never did his younger brother!)

So my questions to you all are:
Do you/did you have one? Is it worth it? and do they work?

Thanks smile
I have a Sangenic unit and my DS is now 7mths, having it with a newborn was so handy but since he's been on solids I'm not so sure. I'm having to empty it every night or his room smells even with his windows open most of the day and it's not even summer yet.

Looking back now I think it's a cost that we could have done without, not only do you have the cost of buying the unit($50NZ) but then you have to buy refill cartridges($18-25NZ), every few weeks with a newborn and currently one every 4-6 wks.

Personally if I could go back and do it again I wouldn't, I'll just buy a rubbish bin with a lid and buy packs of scented nappy bags for the pooey nappies.

Hope that helps...
I just buy a box of nappy bags from the supermarket (found in the baby section). The are odourised bags to put the nappy in before putting it in the bin. A box of about 50 is only about $2-$3. The are handy as you can keep some in the nappy bag.
everyone I know who has one has said they wish they didnt get it, with the cost of refills, and the annoyance of it. Just get nappy bags and if its really going to be offensive, put the nappy out in the outdoor bin, but I have found nappy bags work a treat
I had one given to me but i hated it so much i now use it has a dog food comtanier i just use nappy bags aswell

I never got one. I just use a regular old bin and put a plastic bag in it. Whenever I change a pooey nappy I take the whole bin out to the garbage bins outside otherwise her whole room ends up stinking. I only leave wet nappies in there and change the bin every night. So much easier.
I got a Tommee Tippee one 4 years ago for DS1. 2 storey house - invaluable. I rated it as a must buy item for us and we used it for about 9 months for him.

For DS2 - it is still in use at 14 months.

Up till 6 months we kept in the baby room and since then it is in the hallway outside. We empty it once a week.

Honestly, it is better for DS2 as he is less smelly, however I think it was money well spent and I buy the cartridges online with nappies when they are on sale.

It's one of those products you either love or hate. In my case I recommend it.
i was given one as a present,so glad i didnt purchase it as it is a waste...
YEah i agree with most PP, I was given one and used it bout twice, Now I just use scented bin bag, they are a bit bigger and I can get 2-3 nappies in them and they are scented, i even find that pooey nappies dont stink out DD room.

I use a bin with a foot lever lid. Inside I place some bicarb powder and all spice into a bin liner, which I have found eliminates any smells.
I have a sangenic unit. Not sure if it was worth money or not. I use it for pooey nappies only as refils expensive (although buy 3pack when on offer so not too bad) I line the inside of bin with large scented liner which makes it easy to empty. I have no sense of smell so don't know if it prevents smell but DH says it does. A friend of mine said it was invaluable for her when she got it as stopped ants in bedroom (they went mad for pooey nappies)

I have a standard pedestal bin and line it with grocery bags. It is changed daily to eliminate odours. I also spray the inside with glen20 and (unless raining) I put it in the sun regularly to kill any germs.
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