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cot bumpers Lock Rss

I also got the airwrap for my DD as DS always lost his dummy and it drove me mad. I have had no issues with it and it would have to be one of my best purchases.

Does anyone know if i can wash it in the washing machine. Noticed mine is a little dirty and i have thrown away the directions.

I know it's few days late, but I wash mine in my Front loader no problems. Dries in no time.

AIRWRAP is machine washable. Gentle machine wash and line-dry.
I got one and it's great, no more waking up from legs and arms being stuck in the bars!
Our baby kept bumping his head on the hard cot bars all of the time and we brought these amazing Pure Safety Vertical Cot Liners. They zip onto each cot rail, so there are no dangerous ties and the airflow can still get through etc
Hope that helps
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