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Hi, I was thinking of getting bumpers for my cot because my son has just been commando crawling backwards for a few weeks now and has just started going on all 4s. He does this even when he is asleep and he ends up getting his legs stuck in the bars of the cot and can't get them out and it wakes him up. I know bumpers are not recommended cos of the SIDS risk but are they really that bad or would it be fine if the baby is fairly mobile?
I have been thinking about getting one too.. my DD lifts her knees up under her and pushes really hard and it moves her forward about a foot at a time.. this morning she smacked her head on the end of the cot and was crying for ages.. poor little bugger
Get an airwrap. Padded mesh. Air still flows. They have one for 4 sides or 2 depending on cot style.
Yep grab the airwrap much safer you just never know not worth the risk..
Ive got the air wrap on my sons cot (cost $39.95 from Big W) and its awesome, my son no longer loses his dummy or bumps his head on the rails and he sleeps right through now without me having to go in and comfort him because hes hit his head on the cot.

I decided to read this post, it's interesting, because back in the 90's they used to have fully covered bumpers, and they don't sell them anymore. after he pop's out in Feb, and starts to roll over or crawl, I was thinking of placing them on at that time instead of just placing them in the cot straight away.

I think airwrap is the only best brand, I ended up asking a woman at the store, in big W (They were I think $30 at the time, maybe a bit above, I brought it a few months ago at least) and she recommended airwrap one's because it's not thick, as the old ones. Though, when I went to a Parenting group (For mother's to be) the other day, they did not reccomend using bumpers due to causing SID's but the best time I can think of using bumper's is when Bub is rolling around in his/her cot or when is crawling.
We have used Airwrap for both kids when they started losing dummies and throwing legs out and bumping themselves. DS2 is a climber but it squashes down and doesn't give him a foothold.

The air flows through not like an old fashioned bumper. Some cots let less air through, and bassinets certainly have solid sides.

I am more than happy to recommend it.
i used the airwrap with ds and dd has it on the cot now. does the same thing but still lets the air through. you can get them anywhere and they are not that expensive. about $30. and i have only used the one for both kids...
Well there you go I never knew they existed. They would have been great
that sounds awesome, thanks!
I also got the airwrap for my DD as DS always lost his dummy and it drove me mad. I have had no issues with it and it would have to be one of my best purchases.

Does anyone know if i can wash it in the washing machine. Noticed mine is a little dirty and i have thrown away the directions.
I went looking for something the day I found my 4 month old hanging out of his cot - on his side, both legs through the same gap, he was so skinny I think the only thing that would have stopped him falling out was his head
sad I hadn't heard of an AirWrap before then, but definitely reccomend them now smile

Does anyone know if i can wash it in the washing machine. Noticed mine is a little dirty and i have thrown away the directions.

I don't have mine anymore so don't have instructions either, but I know I washed mine in the machine just fine. I think I just did up all the velcro before putting in the machine, in case it stuck to itself, and put it through a gentle cycle.
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