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I was hoping that someone may be able to give me 3 barcodes for the playmat. I only have 2 and my baby is now into crawler nappies.

Can anyone help?

Lydia, mum to beautiful april + girl due 16th sept

Come on girls- someone must have some barcodes. The playmat is pretty good, i got mine about three weeks ago. Would love to help but unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever way you want to look at it), my baby is now out of the newborn and infant nappies. Sorry.

Good luck snapping up those barcodes though. I'm doing what clever Tepe did now and keeping them all just in case something else pops up.


I have one barcode that you are quite welcome to. I have already sent 5 off to another lady from this site so she can get her mat. I've already got mine on order, so you are more than welcome to it. Email me at with your address and I'm happy to post it off to you.

Tracy, SA, DD 15/3/04 & TTC #2

Hi aprilsmum,

I have 2 barcodes you are welcome to have. Email your details to me at and I will post them of to you.

Meg, Mother of 2

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