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brushing new teeth Lock Rss

hi im a 1st time mum and my daughter is 6mths old and has just got her 1st teeth im just wondering when and how do i start to brush her teeth any suggestions!
I started brushing shannons teeth as soon as the first one appeared.

Grab a baby toothbrush with a soft head, and baby or kids toothpaste as adult toothpaste is a bit harsh.

We get into a routine, straight out of the bath I wrap Shannon up in a towel making sure her hands are in, I sit her on the vanity facing the mirror. Then brush as if I was brushing my own, make sure you brush the gums top and bottom too not just the tooth. Then we rinse 3 times. I talk to her all the way through explaining what we are doing. It helps alot. In the morning same routine minus the bath.

Also get a 2nd tooth brush for your baby to play with in the bath. It helps promote brushing as they get older.

Good luck


Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

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