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how young is to young??? Lock Rss

I got my lil princess ears done yesterday and not even the chemist would do them. she said to me that they don't do them because she's too young. she's mum got my ears done when i was less then 5mnths. i ended up geting them done at the hairdresses. $30.00 later i am one happy mother.

jaya muma,

It is my personal opinion that until they can look after their ears and earings them self they are too young for earings. I know people who have had babies ears peiced and they have gone through many pairs of earing when the child fiddles with the earings and they fall out and get lost.
Each to there own I say, if you are happy to get it done and can find somewhere to do it then theres no problem.
I think its up to you as parent to make that decision when you want your bubs ears done and im going to get my daughter's ears done when she is older and maybe for her birthdays if she wants it done.

I bet your princess looks beautiful with her ears done.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

I'm curious. I agree with all the other Mums that it was your right too choose to do her ears... But why? is it just that u like her with pretty ears or a religous thing?


I also think that it is up to the parents.. I dont think they should refuse a parent that wants there childs ears done... as long as if something happends the parents dont hold the person who did it entirely responsible..

Im going to wait to get ashlee's done... Until she tells me she wants them done, cause for all i know she could be like me, and have a fear of ears( i know its weird, but im not nuts).

So thats another reason im gonna wait, so she can look after them herself.

I love my babies .....

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