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Teething Lock Rss

My baby is two & a half months & she is teething just wondering what i should dd to help her through the pain. Were using a teething ring
When she is in pain all she wants to do is drink. She is not on solids yet. She is on formular.
She is not sleeping unless we give her panadol is that ok to do


hi ther how r u 2day?r u sure bubs is teething?the only reason iask is wen they r teeething the mouth is sore so they dont usually like to suck from th bottle.i dont think the panadol will hurt we give it to ds but mayb u should speak to the clinic nurse c wot she has to u need to give panadol every sleep or just at night?
Hi Amelia's Mummy,

My DD started teething around 2mnths and we got a teething gel from the Women's & Children's Hospital here in Adelaide (not sure where u live??) that numbs her gums and works so well she doesnt need panadol to sleep.

I also bought a Gummi Dummy, (made by Happy Baby i think...?) and use it to put the teething gel on her gums although i have found that if she wants to chew on it i have to hold it for her as she is a bit young (still) to hold it to her mouth herself. I also have teething rings i keep in thr fridge which she is learning to chew on and putting her dummy in the freezer too.

Panadol is great for tiny babies. My advice would just be to try and not give it to her one night and see how she goes as the last thing you want is for DD to be addicted to panadol. And yes, it can happen. But saying this, follow your instincts and if you think your bubs needs it then give it to her. Go see your GP if you have concerns about the panadol part or ask the Chemist.

Hope it goes ok. Good luck!

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.


I toldly understand what your going through. Tim was 2 months old and got two teeth a day apart no one believed me when I said he was teething at 6 weeks old except my mum my brother was the same.
Tim hated teething ring because they were to big. So we use wet face washer in the freezer I know its getting a bit cold now at night for this we also use the gummy he loved that one the most but I had to hand on to it for himat first. We also use panadol. Have you tried anything herbal? It works for some babys.

Good luck!

DS 13months

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