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how long is too long???? Lock Rss

I want to take my 8th old daughters dummie of her how do i do it.

jaya muma,

When does your DD have her dummy? Is there any particular reason you want to stop her using it?

I'm sure you will get a variety of responses to this one. I went cold turkey at about 6 months with DD. We were doing the gradual unwrapping thing at the same time so it all kind of worked in together. To be honest, she didn't particularly miss it and within a few nights she was sleeping just fine.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I agree with Kazi

I took Jayden's off him cold turkey when he was 5mths old and he didn't/hasn't even missed it either.

Good luck

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

My daughter definately had hers for too long. She was almost 4 and when I bought home her new baby brother she just didnt want it anymore and then just didnt have it at all. I am too soft and didnt like to upset her by trying to take something from her thaqt she really enjoyed. She only had it at night time or when she was sick so it wasnt a big issue. My little boy has one now and I guess I'll do the same thing, wait for him to give it up himself.

I'm not suggesting anyone else do this its way too long.

Jackie, NSW mum to 4 yr old girl and 1yr old boy

My son is 4months old and i have taken his dummy away, i just went cold turkey.He only had it for sleep times but there were some problems.One was i was having to get up 3 or 4 times a night to replace it, then i was out for lunch and he was due for a sleep, i had forgotten his dummy and he protested for half an hour.I had to end up going home.That was when i decided it was a madure problem.But be prepared, there will be loads of crying, but it is well worth it.My boy hasnt had it for 5 days now and wow, i should of done it sooner.Good luck and when you start, dont give in.

vickie,sa,8week old

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