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Wonderful Mother-in-Law Lock Rss

Therea re always lots of people complainig about MIL's so I thought I would start a nice one for all us lucky ones!
When I had our daughter I had to have a caesar and my MIL took 2 weeks off work to come and stay with us.She cooked,cleaned,shopped,washed,ironed,took our 20 month old to daycare,the park and walking,dusted,helped bath baby and even tried to stay out of the way so hubby and I had some time alone.She even sent us out to dinner before she left(with baby) so we could enjoy a nice meal out.
Even now she offers to baby sit and when she does come and stay she always leaves the house clean and tidy and is always telling me what a great job I am doing raising 2 babies and keeping sane in the process.
She really is the best MIL I have even been to stage shows,dinners,lunches and concerts with her and my FIL who is equally great!
I am very lucky!!

You are very lucky in deed.
I too have a great mother in law. While I would love if she turned up with the iron in hand she isnt quite so domesticated herself but she is a really lovely person who would do anything for us and loves her little grand daughter to bits.

So I cant complain
You are very lucky smile
I really wish I could say the same about mine,I would love to have a close relationship with her and my SIL but it seems impossible!!
But I love and still get on Fantastic with my ex's mum & nanna smile

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