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Chlorine and sensitive skin Lock Rss

My bubs has hypersensitive skin,i can only use one very evpensive brand of laundry powder and i have to line dry everything,i used to take her swimming when she was very little but havn't been back since her skin flared up.
she is currently fine with perfect skin,so do you think it would be ok to take her swimming???

Lillie....1 year old!!!

i would get medical advice. I would not risk anything when it comes to babies skin
Hey... I take my 5mth old swimming in a chlorinated pool .. the lessons are run by CYH. We cover them in sorbolene before putting them in the water. helps to protect their skin. i also enusre DD has a bath as soon as we get home to rinse off any chlorine residue. My DD has ecema (mild) and the chlorine doesn't make it any worse.

BTW, my CYH nurse put me onto using either lux flakes for washing babes clothes.. or getting a bar of velvet soap.. lathering up a singlet and throwing that in the wash. Does just as good and is cheap!


Mel and bubba Jaimee

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