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hi all,
about to start taking bub to the pool. Any advice on what bathers to put him in? Do those usual nappy/bather things you buy at the pool work ok when they do a big poo???
really looking forward to taking him but would like a bit of piece of mind!

Amanda - Lachie 30/9/05, Will 20/10/07

Hi Amanda
I take my bub and thank god he has not done a poo yet! but i use costume bottoms from bright bots with the nappy liner inside my dad got them from QLD but at my swimming they sell speedo ones and they also sell the disposable ones that i think you are talking about.
I love swimming i hope you enjoy:-)

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

How exciting !!! I'd love to her how you go with those bather nappies. I've been using the little swimmers which are brilliant. I read that some mums put them through the washing machine and dry them, getting a few uses out of them. I haven't tried that yet as I tend to only be able to get them off DD by tearing them (she has chubby legs).

I'm yet to come across any-one who's bub has done a big poo in the pool. I've seen a few toilet trained kids do one though - ewwwwww. I imagine they get too caught up having fun at the pool that they ignour the urge, and it just happens.

Best of luck Amanda.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

You can get Swimmer nappies from the supermarket. They cost about $13. Works like a pull up nappy then you just chuck them when finished. I put my bubs in the all in one swimmers to help cover up but just depends on where you are going swimming
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