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my daughter is 5 months old now and i was wondering at what age mothers put baby's in walkers and how many of you use them as i'm still thinking of the idea

Hayley 27/10/00, Daniel 17/11/03, Emily 09/11/05

DONT!!! Babies didn't have walkers 100 years ago and we still learned to walk! They are dangerous-why take the risk?
Just put her on the floor with lots of tummy time, I think its the best thing for them, it also tires them out!!!!
hi there,im not to fond of the walkers either i think they put way to much pressure on thier liitle legs.wot i did get thoeugh is a rockn jitterbug.its a car they stand in it they cant actually walk in it but they can turn and bounce up and has music and horn etc.but i must admit my bub is 10mths and has really only enjoyd in the last mth.
Although I didn't use a walker, all my research (including baby physio) says the aren't bad for them. The biggest danger is siblings pushing them around or unstable floors (stairs etc). Another issue is parents mis-using them - basically leaving their babies in them constantly. I suppose its an easy temptation. After DH and I chatted about it, we really couldn't come up with good enough reasons why to get one. I just didn't like the idea, felt like I was being lazy. I only have the one baby and had the first year off work - so have plenty of time to do all the chores and look after DD.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi mumma of 3,

Brayden just got a walker in the weekend. He is 11 months old and loves to cruise around the furniture... as well as being very active and needing lots of different distractions to keep him entertained etc...

So all those reasons and also that his grandparents offered to buy him one... we decided on getting him one. He doesn't love it but he will be in it just for something different twice a day for about 15-20min. He has his morning and afternoon tea in it as the toys are removable and there is room to place his sippy cup etc.

He has just learnt to move around in it... we have no stairs in our home so we don't have to worry about that and with the carpet it takes a bit of effort on his part to move around.

Anyway, just a different perspective from someone who has just introduced it to their bub!

Bye for now.

i have heard good and bad reports about them but i believe it comes down to stupidity. they can fall down stairs but don't let them near stairs while in one, but i have had trey in his since he was 3 months and he loves it, i go to the chiropractor every second week and phsio once a month and they always check him while i am there and there is nothing wrong with him. i just don't put him it all day just for half and hour in the morning and than half an hour in the afternoon. but everyone to there own.
i am sorry if i offened anyone but that is my opion and i hope it helps.
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