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Showering with my baby Lock Rss

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to bath my 8 month old in the baby bath, its not really the size, its my back pain and her water splashing.

Does anyone shower with their baby?

I haven't tried it, she doesn't mind water on her face.
my bub has been in the big bath with me since she was 3 months old i love having a bath with her every night,if you pop her in the shower with you just remember to turn the pressure down a bit but i hear having a shower together is lots of fun

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Showers are great, well worth it. Your DS will probably reach out for the water and maybe even dunk his own head in it, trying to get a mouthful of it - lol. If you can, its easiest to have a second person to hand bubs to, to dry - while you finish up in the shower. If not, its easy enough to lay them on a towel on the floor, wrap them up a bit - while you quickly get dry.

Best of luck - its loads of fun. Just hang onto them when they are soaped up, such slipperly little suckers - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

i shower with my 4 month old. i just make sure the water isnt too hot and the shower pressure isnt too hard. i also sit on the floor of the shower with him so if he wriggles around i cant drop him from being too slippery. but your 8 month old can probably sit up by herself right? when do babies sit up? i dunno sorry. lol.

but i also make sure i have a towel ready for him and one for me. its much easier if u have a husband or partner to help get them out with a towel waiting but it can be done on your own also. just have everything prepared.

its also better if u can wash yourself before hand and have her ready so u can put her in with you once your all done but i dont know how easy that would be with an 8 month old. but i dont find it too difficult with my 4 month old.

i hope ive been of some help. sorry if not...

good luck.
When Jaye turn 4 1/2 months old I started to take her into the bath with me and when we first started to bath her in the big bath she wasnt to sure about the whole thing but now she loves it and cant wait when its bath time and she even goes with her dad and its they time together and its great and plus she has bath toys to play with and kisk her legs everywhere.

As I see if your bubs is getting heavy now the best thing is to move her to the big bath with you and plus you enjoy it as well.

Good luck and have fun as well.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hey my daughter is 2months & my husband loves showering with her because it makes him feel closer to her & gives him tiem alone to bond with her but he cant always do it though & also she loves it because most babies love water running onto there head


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