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The best thing I bought or was given.... Lock Rss

Thought I would start this thread in line with "I wish I was told"

It can be something as simple as snappy nappies... gotta love them

Or something bigger such as installing a dishwasher 2 days before you find out you are pregnant... serioiusly couldn't live without that now.

This can also give tips to other mums on what to buy that will make life easier.

I also love 600ml drink bottles filled with rice, glitters. beads best and cheapest toys ever adn the most entertaining.

Can't wait to see what all of you post!!!!!!!!

Love Carmy

DD 15mth old Munchkin Qld

* I was told to add a baby item to my shopping while I was pregnant (ie. nappies, wipes, powder) so I wouldn't have to buy it all when they were born. Same can apply to buying baby food in jars maybe?

* Buy tupperware ice trays with lids for freezing baby size pureed food - just defrost the cubes you need and you've got a quick meal!

* The hi-low highchairs we had were pretty good - they could be wheeled anywhere and reclined, we used them from 6 weeks not for feeding just to keep them close by!

* Hooks for your pram handle - to hang shopping bags off, makes it so easy!

* First years Take and Toss cups, bowls, toddler cutlery - good quality and they're inexpensive so if you lose them it doesn't matter only $6 for a set to replace

* Top of my list for best ever thing I was given 2nd time round was a group of wonderful friends had a cook up and gave us a freezer full of frozen meals for those nights when you're too tired to cook. That has been the best thing yet!


QLD Mum of 5


When breastfeeding - my boppy was great!!! It was also great to lie bubs on it as he fitted perfectly... but once he started rolling and moving, it wasn't so effective!

Grobag - he has had one for about 3 months and he sleeps in it at night and during the day. He loves it and so do we!!!

Jolly Jumper High chair - It adjusts to different levels and reclines also... he sits in it for meals and also to watch the Wiggles!

Thanks for letting me share!

Bye for now.

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