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media report on child care quality Lock Rss

Just a feference for all. Is the quality really that bad?


Labor childhood spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek today said it was not good enough that some child care workers would not even send their own children to their work because of concerns about the quality.

According to the first large survey of Australian child-care workers, 21 per cent of workers in the corporate chains said they would not send their own children to those centres, Fairfax newspapers reported today.

NSW Opposition Leader Peter Debnam said investing in our children's future was priceless.

"If you're going to do anything in politics and in parliament you actually invest in your future, you invest in your kids," Mr Debnam told reporters.

"This story today highlights that we all need to take more notice, not only in childcare facilities, but NSW's low participation in pre-schools."
I think that parents of the kids sent these centers should be informed. I wouldn't send my kid to one of them!
I saw this onthe news and was surprised by the responses from the childcare workers. It worries me that they are not standing up and saying that they are not good enough for our children if they don't think they would be good enough for their own.

This issue of quality childcare keeps raising its head.
It wsa no surprise to me when we got an increase in tax rebate for childcare that our centre costs went up and ate it all up. It's a joke and you have to question the validity of sending them to childcare at the end of the day.

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