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Please god someone tell me it starts to work fairly quickly.
DS has been on it for about 5 days and so far, nothing. He has literally screamed constantly since matter what I do he hasnt stopped. He's screamed that much he's made himself spew. No sleep, so he's as nasty as a cut snake and totally beside himself and cant calm down. Ive tried it all, believe me- this isnt my first screamer, LOL!
He is stressing me so much I feel sick and Im finding it hard to enjoy him. Im at the point of almost storming the pediatricians office and begging they just shut him up.
I just want to shut him in a room and walk away- its just constant.
Should the losec have started to work by now? I really cant take much more of it.
Who wants to run away from home with me?

I have no idea sorry I just wanted to give you a hug cause it sounds like you need one!

Maybe ring your pharmacist- they should be able to give you some idea.

And ring one of the helplines or a friend before you really decide to run away! LOL
DD was on Losec as a baby for reflux, from memory it took 10-14 days to start working, I know it seems like forever and I nearly gave up on it! There is also other medications that work in different ways, so if it doesn't end up working go back to the paed and see if you can try something else.

Good luck I hope it takes effect really soon! I wouldn't wish a screaming reflux baby on anyone!

It took about 2 weeks for my DD to stop screaming...but once it took hold there was no looking back! Feeding is easier, sleeping is easier, life is easier! If you don't see a dramatic change after 2 weeks I'd be back to the dr to be put on something else.
But losec was wonderful for my bubs! Vomitting didn't stop though...but you can handle vomit without the screaming!!! smile

Good luck. Hope it works for you!
Thanks girls smile
He's still going- I know I need to stop looking at the clock and counting the hours he's been at it for but I sitting here thinking thats 7 hours and 28 minutes he's been screaming for- surely he's got to collapse from exhaustion at the very least, but nope...the kid is hysterical. Ive given him panadol incase something else is hurting but it did bugger all.
DD was a reflux baby and was just awful for 6 months. It took all we had not to go crazy with her. DH and I had such high expectations with this bub (no colic,no reflux,good sleeper, you know the drill..surely we'd earned it after Abbey, LOL) and I think part of it is we feel so stupid and disappointed thinking we'd get an easy ride with DS.
The losec has began to work in the sense that it has helped reduce how much he spews (only a little today compared to normal) but it seems like he's getting stomach cramps or something- it just comes in wave after wave. He'll start to calm slightly then scream in pain again. Poor kid must have a bellyful of wind with all this screaming and gasping for air.
Cherry, did you notice any side-effects of the Losec? He wasnt this bad before starting it. We had him in Zantac and it stopped doing anything for him, hence the reason we've moved to losec but he's worse than ever.

Geez Im hanging out for this magic 2 weeks! I dont think time has ever passed so slowly. Its torture for him and us.
Its just driving me up the wall that I cant help him, poor kid.

Yikes 7.5 hours! You poor bugger, you sound as though you still have your sence of humour though so thats good, (((big hugs)))

DD never had any bad side effects from Losec, (zantac was another story) but it was never the magic cure-all that I was hoping for, in the end we tried another medicine that made her stomach absorb food/liquid quicker which stopped it coming back up, I can't remember the name of it sorry.

Also another thing, have you been told about how fragile the losec is, you can't crush the little balls, only dissolve the tablet in a bit of water and give half an hour before a feed or you can get some pharmacies to make it into a suspension for you. Such a pain isn't it?

Go with your instincts, if you feel that he is in more pain now that he's on losec then don't continue, call the paed and let him know, he might be able to suggest something to help.

would you consider chaning formula?

for nikkita it didnt work effectively. as soon as she went to soy (and later delact) the difference was instant

and same with the little one i had for 3 months, but she also had other health problems to boot

He's a boobyboy, never had formula ( not trying to sound like mother superior here, DD and I never clicked with breastfeeding, so was on formula from very young and I was distraught-so I pride myself on the fact that DS is exclusively breastfed).
He doesnt fit the criteria of being lactose intolerant and is gaining weight well, and Ive been advised boobyjuice is still best even for refluxers so we are sticking with it for the moment. If it comes to a special formula, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Cherry, Ive read the leaflet with the Losec about not crushing the pellets..I may be doing that. He's on half a tab in a little water, disolved BUT I give it to him through a syringe so maybe Im smooshing it too much so that it fits through the syringe. A RAY OF HOPE!! lol!

How did you ladies get the losec into your bubs?

we tried a thousand different ways to try and give the losec lol, I found that some of the balls would get stuck in the bottom corners, I even tried an eye dropper but had the same problem, the thing that worked for us was to dissove it in a tiny medicine cup and tip it into her mouth but i would always have to add more water to the medicine cup cos of those pesky balls sinking to the bottom, it used to take 3-4 goes sometimes lol.

You poor thing. As DS was tube fed, those losec tabs didn't work - couldn't get them through the tube it simply clogged up with those balls!

So, if you have private health extras cover you might want to consider a trip to your GP and get a private script for an omeprazole suspension to get made up at a compounding pharmacy (they make it from scratch with no bally bits!!!). Much easier to give but certainly expensive if you don't have extras cover (the difference between the $31.30 PBS script cost and what you paid will be paid out by the health fund).

Feel free to PM me if you have Q's...

Good Luck.

Hi there
Oh boy do I feel for you. Had the same problem had to wait for day 10 before any releaf. But when it kicks in magic will happen. we have being going the losec for DD1 now for over 2 years and it works very well. the best way to dose place 1/2 in a little water to disvole then spoon with a teaspoon into mouth the best way I have found to give it.

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