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From the tome my baby was born, i had people buying dummies. Dummies for her birth, dummies for her Christening, dummies for Christmas, and now i had someone give me dummies because they 'looked cute' and so she bought them. I'm not into using dummies, i think they look awful, babies just don't need them. Why can't people just understant this? I have new mums asking me what the best type of dummy would be to buy, and i always tell them that i never allowed it, but people just expect that just because you have a baby, you must use dummies. Does anyone else have this problem?

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

hi JadeH
i didnt want my daughter to have a dummy either. i've seen how hard they can be to get the child to give it up. but when she was born she was taken straight into the nicu. i went in there on the 4th night to feed her at 3am and they had given her a dummy without asking me. all they said was we had no choice and she wouldnt settle. and i yelled at him and said "why didnt u wake me up and i wouldve bought in my boobs" they said i needed my rest and they didnt think it was worth waking me for. and it was a BLUE DUMMY . they couldve atleast given her a pink or a white one ,I was SO MAD that day.i tried taking it off her but its now a pain in the butt. she screams and her little heart races . so i give up now and let her have one.

I also have about 5 different types of teats and bottles which i will never use. i think that dummies and bottles are a personal choice for the mum and not any old ones will do.
To cut a long story short , i feel the same way as you Jade. I'm a pretty tactless person and i tell people whether i like things or not.

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

I never had people buying me dummies for my child, only at my baby shower. I think it depends on your child if you use a dummy, when my babe was really young, she just wanted to suck a lot, I used it to settle her to sleep, rather than her relying on me to suck on all the time! Now she just has her dummy for sleep, or if unsettled i use it , eg. at the shops and she throws a fit cause she's tired etc. I guess sometimes you do anything for peace!! Thats why i chose the dummy! I need my sleep!.

lisa, QLD, mummy to daughter Dec 02

I was against dummies as well, to begin with, after 6wks, I gave in and gave my baby one. Mainly to settle him when he got distressed (e.g. driving in the car when I was on my own and couldn't get to him). He is now 14wks and won't take it at all, if I try to give him the dummy when he is upset, he just spits it out. I don't think it is a bad thing at all, in my case, my baby doesn't want one, but I agree, sleep and peace is a good thing and if a dummy is what it takes, then so be it.

baby boy, 12/03

Hi Jade,

I had a couple of dummies given to me, but just because someone gives you a gift does not mean you have to use it. I had alot fo things given to me I would never use. I think you should let the child decide if they need a dummy or not. I had two neice's and a nephew who would not touch a dummy, BUT then I had my son!! He was born 9lb 5oz by emergancy c-sect. I had NO milk for 6 days, all he wanted to do was feed. I was up all night hospital feeding him because the lactation nurse didn't want to use a dummy. I would feed him for half an hour he would go to sleep, she would take him away and he would be back in 15 mins. because he would not settle, she said he was still hungry! This went on for 13 hours, It started at 6pm and they did't stop bringing him back till 7am. The next day I fed him a bottle, he had 90mls at 3days old in one sitting but, would still not settle. I was told not to give him any more food, so I used a dummy. He slept fot 3 and 1/2 hours!!! Now, he is 22 months and only uses a dummy to go to sleep and it is getting less and less. So good luck to you if you don't need one, but don't not use something just because you don't like it, try and let the baby decide.
Good luck!
Hi Jade,

I have been pretty lucky as my baby doesn't like a dummy, which was great for me as I was hoping not to use one. I guess though if I had a baby that would only be comforted with a dummy, I probably would have used one. Even if was just to keep me sane.

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

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well i never was given any dummies when my baby was born but i do use one wasnt going to from the start but then it came down to the crunch and she now has one i think it is every mothers choice wether they decide on a dummy or not.
my oldest so didnt know how to suck it well the next one needed on but at 4 months spat oout for good the same with he 3rd one

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

dont see whats so bad about them. my MIL introduced a dummy when eilish was 4 months old as eilish would not sleep for her (it was our anniversary so i wanted a night off) and eilish stayed there and she took one for 3 months and gave up on it herself. she is now a happy healthy nearly 2 yr old. dummies are a good idea to some people. eilish used to have a blue dummy i didn't mind the colour a dummy is a dummy and if they stop a child from screaming or needing a feed every 30 minutes or something to chew on while teething i say you go girls. i was against dummies too until my goddaughter was born and now i am all for them. for a mother who only gets 2 hours a night if she is lucky to giving a child a dummy and getting 4 hours a night... i think its worth trying to ween them off it when it comes to it. its no different to trying to get a child off a bottle or toilet training.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

I hope not to use a dummy but I will wait and see what my baby is like. My only problem would be someone else introducing one, ie MIL or other family - that would really annoy me.

Anyway, thought you might find this useful (something I found on an american website):

To wean babies/toddlers off dummies, cut the tip off - apparently it doesn't give the same suction/effect and they gradually learn not to like it.


What is the big deal about dummies???????? There are other big issues to worry about rather than piece of rubber? If your child likes them so what? Its not as if you see grown ups walking around sucking dummies. Eventually they grow out of it. If it comforts the child I think they are worth it! And if it makes them happy what the hell is wrong with that?
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