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circumcision aftermath. Lock Rss

I am sure I will probably get hate mail for this, though people do need to respect other peoples choices. I have booked my 6 month boy in for a circumcision. He will be having a general and a local anesthetic. I am very nervous about the amount of discomfort he will be in after the op. Has anyone had their baby boy circumcised and what was the aftermath?

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

Hi JZ,

I know exactly what you mean about people's reaction to circumcision, but there was no questions about our son being circumcised. My son was circumcised when he was 4 weeks old, he is now 6 months old. He had a local anaesthetic, plus numbing cream on the area only as he was too young at that age to have a general. It was over with in only 2 mins. I waited outside in the waiting area while my husband went in with him. I think I was more of a mess that he was afterwards, but it really isn't that bad at all. He only seemed to be uncomfortable for the first couple of days then he seemed to heal very quickly after that. We had to apply vaseline (or similar barrier cream) to the area after every nappy change and every bath for approx 10 days to keep him dry. Plus no tight nappies for the first couple of days.

If I have another boy, I would certainly do it again.

Good luck and let me know how you go.


Mum to toddler

Hi jz,
I have not had my boys circumcised, but my younger brother was circumcised, and a friend has just had to have her 10yo done because of persistant infections.

My brother was circumcised about 2 weeks after his birth. He didn't appear to be in any discomfort, and was a happy content newborn baby. They do not use any anesthetic in newborns, which to me seems very cruel.

My friends 10 yo though did have anesthetic and seemed to be in a great deal of pain for several days after "his ordeal" (his words). The doctors told his mum, that it is much like a man having a vasectomy, and that he would be very tender for a few days afterwards. We now he was in pain, but we think he was "playing it on" a bit in order to get sympathy.

While I personally think circumcision is wrong, other people do have their beliefs, reasons etc as to why they would like it done, and I respect that. I have taught my eldest son (now almost 11) how to keep himself clean, and he has never had a problem. I will also teach my youngest son when he is old enough, so hopefully he won't have problems either. That was the main reason my friends 10 yo needed the surgery...because he didn't clean himself.

I wish you all the best with you sons surgery. Just be prepared to see him a little swollen and bruised, and possibly have a little blood, but I'm sure at 6 months of age, it won't take him long to get over it. Let me know how he goes. If you like, you can email to [email protected]

Mother of 3, Qld

I had my son done and it was no different than how their belly cord goes. There was no blood or swelling and he didn't seem worried by it at all. The little plastic ring fell off in two days and just came off in his nappy.

I do not judge mothers either way. I am for it as I know numerous boys who have had to have it done at a later date. I didn't do it for 'cosmetic' reasons. I have found many mothers in Cairns have had it done. I don't see that it is any more controversial than the immunisation issue - I've had more heated arguments over that than circumcision. I don't see that the needle would hurt anymore than the immunisation needle either.

Good luck, don't worry and stay confident in your ability to do the best for your child no matter where your convictions lie.
I chose not to have my son done, but a close friend of mine had her son done at 6 months a couple of weeks ago and he was fine. I saw him the next day and he was happy and playing fine. They gave her some numbing cream to apply and she didn't come accross any problems.

Good Luck

Mum to Aiden John (born - 1st September 2003)

Hi Jz,

I started a post ages ago about this topic, when i found out i as having a boy. The responses were quite openminded may i say which was nice to see.

Anyhow, i got it done using the bell-clamp method and you wouldn't have known after it was all finished.

Best of luck,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m


When my son was five weeks old he was circumcised. (He is now almost eight months). He was fine after it, I remember giving him some baby panadol a few times and applying Betadine Antiseptic Ointment during every nappy change until the ring fell off.

kellie, NSW, baby aden

Cheers JZ,
Be strong with your decision. Remember that you know what's best for your son & your circumstances. I know too many people who've had trouble & have had to get it done much later. At least he won't remember a thing.
Good luck,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi All,

I know I'm pretty late responding to this and it probably doesn't matter any more but after reading all the responses I noticed that no one mentioned what affect circumcision has on a baby once he becomes a man.

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. I don't mean to have a go at anyone I just think that parents should consider everything before they do this do their child.

My husband was circumcised as a baby. His mother "boast's" of how she couldn't be in the room when he was done as he was screaming too much.

Now as an adult my husband is very sensitive about the subject. He is also very angry that this was done to him without his permission. He also finds that sexually it can sometimes be extremely sensitive to a point that it is painful for him. He cannot wear boxer shorts as the rubbing on his penis without a foreskin causes him discomfort and pain.

Please, consider this before having your baby boys circumcised. At least that way when he is a man he can make the choice if he wants it done or not.

hi JZ
well by reading all the posts you have had so far there have been no negative ones.
I didn't have my son circumcised, but only because to me it didn't matter that much, and also his father wasn't done, which I have found does make quite a difference in many peoples reasons for and against having it done.

You are very brave to post this I have found it to be a very touchy subject with many people and have narrowly avoided confrontation abou circumcision on a few occasions. I can remember when we went to our ante - natal classes and everyone seemed to be for circumcision except for us and they were all quite vocal about it and basically put us down because we weren't going to have our son done.I will however have him done if later down the line there does become a medical reason for it, such as recurring infections. My cousin was done as a 10 year old and had no recurring problem with it, and was very happy to pop it out and show everyone what had been done to it.

Congratulations for standing up for what you believe in, I know that sometimes that can be hard. Let me knoe how he goes, and I'm sure that all will be fine with him

meredith x o x o

Mum to Declan born 30.03.04

I just hope that everyone gets there sons done for the right reasons. my friend says shes getting her son done as soon as hes born and when i asked her what her reasons for doing it she said so he can be like his dad and cause it looks better. to me that is not a good enough reason as there arte more boys not done than done theese days. i was going to get my son done but when i heared how it was done and the statistics of how often infections accure and how many are done and how many more are not i changed my mind. i think if there clean then theres no probs. my sister had to get my nephew done as he couldnt pee straight. he had alot of skin, but they did not take a lot off.
but its everyones choice. i only wanted it done cause i thought its what most mums do but its not...

We were told that if we wanted to circumcise our boy that we would have to go private as they are not done automatically at birth as it is seen as barbaric. and cosmetic.We talked to a few friends who have had boys to see if they had got their boys done and they expained the pro's and cons which we discussed with our midwife. My husband is circumcised. We decided against it and are very happy with our decision. Now our boy on the edge of his foreskin is quite red and we took him to our doctor who says there is nothing to worry about at the moment but we may have to get him circumcised by the age of 3 0r 4 if need be. Now does anyone know if it isnt a cosmetic procedure but a medical consition is it covered by medicare as we are not in private health at the moment.

Jem,SA,4mnth baby

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