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How do you bath your baby? Lock Rss

I do put clothes straight into the washing machine, but DH is a farmer and his clothes are always dirty and covered in cow stuff, so DD's clothes get washed separately. SO even if I put one load in the wash, theres still another load sitting somewhere.

Anyway, I tried the tub thing. It didnt work. Taps are at head height and she banged her head on the cold tap and grabbed on to the hot tap. Yowch. And the stainless steel tub is also very slippery and while I was washing her she got a mouth full of bubbles. So back to the bath for us.

I've not heard of Big W or Target.

Whenever I see babies in the bath I always see them lying on their tummy paddling around. What age do you do this? DD can sit, crawl etc, so is quite strong in the neck. Again, I am worried about her slipping though.
You should have a look on eBay, they have some bath seats on there.
I'm not a fan of the bath seat cause it looks uncomfortable when i've sat my boy in it his bum floats up and jams his little man bits into the plastic bar, maybe when he gets older it will suit us.
I use a non stick mat on the bottom of the bath minimum water, he can lie on it as well as sit up I always hold him with one hand around his underarm, he then choses to lie on his belly and lick the water and play with toys when he's on his belly i still have my hand gripped onto his underarm (furtherst away from me - that way your arm is under his face)

If you dont have a bath mat try using a towel it's the same principle
DS has been in the big bath for ages - we were using the bath sling support thing but he outgrew that at about 6 months. I was going to buy some non-slip things but haven't bothered because he seems to be doing fine he's now 8 months.

I put about 2 inches of water (in the shallow end) and lie him on his tummy. He's very good at resting on his elbows to keep his head high. Unfortunately he shows no fear and will happily dunk his head if he can - much to my horror! He has started rolling around in the bath like a seal - which gives my mother a heart attack. He doesn't seem to mind tummy, back or sitting up - as long as he has some toys in there and we get the washing done quickly first up.

He loves lying on his tummy with my hand in the small of his back and I swish him up and down the length of the bath. He also thinks it is funny if I let the water out before I lift him out and he squirms around with no water. Thankfully we start swimming next week!

My DS2 also hates laying down in the bath. When he bathed with his older brother 5.5yrs he would hold him in sitting position. When he bathed alone I began by putting an old towel on the bottom of the bath so he didn't slip. This worked ok. A friend lent me a bath seat which he only used for about 3wks before he was steady enough to sit up alone without slipping. I was glad I didn't buy the seat as he only used it for such a short time, yes their little boy bits do get very squashed against the bar at the front.

Daniy, VIC

my DD is 20 months and still will not lie on her back in the bath or at swimming lessions. i just tip a bowl of water over her head to wash her hair. she soon learnt to close her eyes. as for DS he is 13 weeks and i bath him in the bath with DD. he gets dressed in the bathroom and then in the bouncer while i wash DD. plus it makes Dd feel special when she washes his hair and his tummy for mummy.
Oh I guess a baby bath seat is exactly what will help you. Learn more here -
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