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How do you bath your baby? Lock Rss

My DD is nearly 6 months and has been sitting unassisted for 2 weeks. Since shes been sitting, she hates lying on her back and she can roll onto her tummy when on the floor, in bed etc.

However, at bath time she no longer likes being laid down to wash (I use one of those bath support things) and tries to roll or does what looks like stomach crunches, trying to sit up.

I've tried to bath her sitting up but she slips all over the place, even though she sits steadily on the carpet.

Any suggestions?

How do you bath your babies? When (if ever) did you sit them up in the bath? Is there something I can get to put inthe bath that makes it non slip?

u can get non slip mats and non slip shapes to put in the bath tub. they are probably in the bathroom section at big w or whateva department u have. u might even find the shapes in the nursery section i'm not sure. maybe just hold her with one hand and wash her with the other while she sits in the bath so she doesn't slip as much untill u can get one. i had to auckwardly hold my first son for a while till he got used to it when he was younger from memory.
You are better off getting the non-slip mat then the shapes. My DD pulls the shapes off and chews on them lol. If they are not steady enough yet this can be a bad thing.

You can buy baby bath seats too. I guess they are like those detachable high chairs you can buy. They just suction onto the bottom/side of the bath and the baby sits in it like a normal chair, so then you don't have to hold them.
Hi, my son is almost sitting unsupported but he hates lying in the support thing in the bath also, some nights he's a bit tired so we bath him in it but if he's a bit more active we bath him in the kitchen sink as we have a better grip of him sitting that way and he slips around less. I'm thinking of getting a bath seat and the non-slip things when he is about 6 months for the big bath smile

hi, i use a non slip bath mat in the tub, and my DD doesn't slip around, she has tried to move n it, but doesn't go anywhere


I like the kitchen sink idea. unfortunately we have a tiny little kitchen and a dinky little sink to match. DD prolly wouldnt fit! I'll see what I can find in the way of non slip mats in town today.

DH has been washing her in the shower with him but I can see that wearing out fast hehe.
I just started sitting DS up in the bath. I have placed some of those non-slip stickers on the bottom of the bath for him. I find that when he is laying down, he trys to sit up and bongs his head on the bottom of the bath! I wash his tummy, private, legs, arms, under his neck and face whilst he is laying down and then i sit him up to wash his hair and back. I also wash his bum whilst he is laying down. I just lift his legs up and wash it. The non-slip stickers are great though. You can get them at K-Mart, Big W or Target and they are quite cheap.

I'm in NZ and we dont have any of those stores (locally anyway - there is a k mart but it's 3 hours away hehe) but I will look around. I put Riley back on her bath support thing tonight and she was fine. Must've been too tired to fight it.
my kids bath n the laundry tub! easy quick not to much water, no mess, then they get dressed on the washing machine beside it which doubles as a change table ( i really hope i had learnt something having 6
Alwaysawake - I always look out for your advice! 6 kids definitely gives you a lot of credibility!

I always imagine when my new baby comes along that I will bath the two kids together in the same bath - how do you do it with 6! As a kid we only had a bath (no shower) so my sister and I had to bath together far longer than was comfortable (til I was about 12 I think from memory!)

Laundry tub sounds good. Especially for the pregnant back - no good bending over a bath every night. Only problem for me is my tub is my clothes basket - my house is so small!!! Will have to dump all the clothes out on the floor while its bath time hehe.
Can you put your clothes straight into the washing machine rather than the tub?
We bather DS1 in the aludry tub for a few months when he could sit up. I was pregnant too at the time and it was fantastic for my back and used heaps less water!
I use a bath seat for DD2, she sits up in it and its easy to wash her in it. You can buy them for Big W or Target, but im not sure if they have them in NZ.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

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