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3 probs! Lock Rss

1. The old goody nappy rash, quite severe, everytime it seems to be clearing up, we have another poo and it gets worse again. Bub is 10mths, we have tried all sorts of creams, lotions and potions. Airing you name it, any miricle cures?
2. Has anyone come across a maternal child and healthcare nurse that is abrupt and TELLS you what you should be doing rather than advising. For example, was told that we had to give milk then solids. You SHOULD be breastfeeding (which i am but my friend isn't and is now quite upset)
3. Any ideas on how to keep a bub reasonable STILL on a change table, we keep trying to go AWOL and all is taking 3 times as long.
many thanks

mum of 1

Hi Jo77,
Firsty the nappy rash. Try EGO cream, brought from the chemists. It is zinc based, so puts a thick coating on the backside, so the "poo" can't touch the skin. It is great for exzema too, not only in babies.
Secondly, change your health nurse. No one should be TELLING you how to raise your kids. You do what feels right to you. At 10 months of age, food is more important then milk, although milk is still a large part of their diet.
Thirdly, try giving bub a variety of toys to play with while on the change table (even the powder or cream containers) and maybe a mobile hanging from the roof for bub to look at.
Well hope I have been of some assistance to you. Good luck with your bub.

Mother of 3, Qld

1. Have you tried cleaning baby with Sorbolene. When I use baby wipes I always dry bub's bottom with a dry face towel and ensure her bottom is completely dry before putting a nappy on.

2. Yes Yes & Yes, all I can suggest is that you listen but continue to do what is right in your heart for you and baby at the end of the day if the baby is healthy, happy and gaining weight we are doing a good job.

3. Hang a mobile from the ceiling above change table, but high enough so bubs doesn't grab it. or give them a toy, or sing and talk whilst changing them.
Good Luck.

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

1 - pawpaw cream. I think this is the most magical thing in the world. If they spread it on Iraq it would all be fixed!
2- No, all the nurses I've come across are great however I have come across some shocking doctors. I've now learnt to speak up and walk out - they're no bloody better then us and being a mother does not make you an uneducated halfwit!
3- I give my son a toy to hold or paper or another nappy and he is so distracted it's done before he's had a chance to move.

Good luck!
Hey Jo77,

1. What nappies are you using? I use disposable and have tried a few brands but always keep coming back to Huggies as they are the only brand I have found that do not cause my daughter to have nappy rash.
2. I haven't had this happen to me but I would maybe find another clinic nurse or another clinic - if you can? If you can't there are all sorts of help lines you can call for information if the information you have been getting is one sided. These help lines may be able to provide you with some different opinions and advice.
3. My daughter is 9 months and wiggles on the change table. We have had a mobile above the table since she was born but apparently that is not fun anymore! We just give her something to play with in her hands (her favourites are teddy bears). If she had a teddy in her hand we can normally get the nappy change and dressing done quicker.

My thoughts anyway.............hope these ieas help.

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way

Hi jo77 Have you tried corn flour from out of your pantry for the nappy rash?. It works in hours!! The other creams I had success with was paw paw ointment and Daktonzin from the chemist was also very good. The Daktonzin does say to continue the treatment for at least 7 days even if there is no sign of the rash.
You need a health nurse to advise you, not to tell you. My health nurse was my saviour and I just loved her until she moved away that is. The lady that took her place was no where near as helpful so I stopped going when my son was around 5 months of age. He was also seeing a Paediatrician so I figured I am still in touch with a health professional and of course I have a great GP. But I missed out on a lot of different advice and of course female reasurrance I was not going mad!! I am not sure where you are going but your GP may be able to suggest another place to go or your local chemist may have the same service.
No with the wriggling on the change table. I never found a miracle cure and had to resort to changing on the floor on a few occassions. However I did read if you get a piece of sticky tape and join it together at the ends to make a circle. Then put this on your babies fingers, they will be intrigued of how it gets stuck from finger to finger. I use to store them already made up on the sides of the change table. I found this was a great trick for a while until he got bored of it too. One other thing though be sure you put something in your babies mouth. I used to give my son his dummy or the sticky tape would always end up in his mouth.

Good luck!
1. I find that for redness, Heinz Sudocrem clears that up but best of all, we keep forgetting, the power of Vaseline...once you have the nappy rash under control use vaseline...that's the advice I got from a mum with 6 kids and has worked for me too.
2. Yes it's happened to me. Nurse told me that I should be doing this and the end I changed nurses and this other one is much better (a lot more supportive rather than knowing). We mustn't take everything from the nurse as long as baby is happy and healthy, why worry?
3. I get the endless rollovers and the hands going down there when it's full of poo...just hand them a toy or I found a piece of paper or those nappy bags so it makes a noise...anything to keep them distracted.


Michelle, 23, WA; mum to Emily Renae (11 months)

Hi Jo77,

1. I tried everything on my son whose nappy rash was so bad it was bleeding, the only thing I found worked was to put Bapanthen on it till it healed then I used a nappy rash cream you buy from the supermarket made by Heron called ZCO - Zinc & Castor Oil cream.
2. Yes I have met a few nasty nurses, especially when having troubles breastfeeding, which I ended up having to quite due to my son starving to death - almost! It's hard but speak up and don't let them walk all over you!
3. Like everyone else has or anything that looks interesting to them! Sometimes though you just have to stick it out!

Best wishes

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

1. We are using Johnson & Johnson Nappy rash powder and it works really well at absorbing extra moisture and getting rid of nappy rash on our daughter. We tried the cream but it didn't seem to help at all, it made it worse!

2. As with what everyone else said, change nurses, they should only be here to guide us, not tell us what to do. There are some really good ones out there and you'll probably find that most will be a great help while some can just be horrible.

3. When i'm changing my daughter nappy she also moves around a bit so i've started to make it a game where i blow rasberries on her belly before taking the dirty nappy off and she is too busy laughing to move. I then change her nappy and then blow rasberries on her feet and this helps her to straighten her legs so that i can fasten it. She loves it and has started to realise when its nappy change time and stays still while im changing her and we play for a little while after and i let her wriggle then.

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

1. Paw Paw ointment is great!!! It is a bit messier than creams but it works much better. I found that if I used Paw Paw ointment as well as airing for 10 -15 mins after a nappy change it went away very quickly.
2.YES!!! After moving suburbs and changing nurses I found that instead of getting advice and someone to talk to I was being told what I was doing was wrong and what else I should be doing for my baby boy, and
3. A mobile is a great way to catch bubs attention and stop them from tring to roll away.

Nikki, WA, 2nd bub on the way.

Have you tried Paw Paw cream for the nappy rash ? It is also a great barrier cream to prevent nappy rash. My girlfriend gave me some when my first child was born and I have never used anything else.

It's all natural and can be used for everything.

With my first born I also hated going to Child Health as I thought the nurses were all dragons. I haven't been with my second and instead visit a local chemist that has a maternal child and healthcare nurse holding a clinic once a week.

As for keeping baby still on the change table, I have a mobile hanging over my change table to keep my daughter still. I pinched the idea from our local childcare centre.

Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl

Thanks guys, i will be trying the stickytape trick tomorrow! Unfortantly we are a bit bored with mobiles, toys, singing, tubes of cream, toilet paper etc etc.. I have also began to use the floor!

I live in the country so it's a bit hard to change nurses however i'm thinking of ringing our old nurse and asking (begging) if she would weigh bub once a month. (She has had a promotion, but did say to call if we have any probs-i just don't want to feel pushy)

Forgive me for my ignorance but do you just use the cornflour as powder or do you mix it up as per cooking? and can you buy the pawpaw cream at the chemist?

By the way i've been told that mylanta dabbed on a really sore bum and left to dry will stop it burning.

Cheers again

mum of 1

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