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Hi everyone, my son is 5months old and was born with noisy breathing, I have since taken him to docs and then a specialist who say theres really nothing we can do about it, the problem is sometimes when hes in a real deep sleep like the middle of the night it sort of sticks and he makes a real scary sound like he cant breathe, in turn I am up all night as I would rather have no sleep than no baby!! was wondering how many others have this dilemma? I think the medical term is stridor? if any one has any info on this feel free to get back to me, thanks heaps looking forward to hearing from you! email @ [email protected]
My son actually snored then stopped breathing (well it sounded like that) I took him to my Dr & he referred me to a Ear Nose & Throat Specialist who said he had to have is Addanoids & Tonsils out as they were huge.My son at the time was just 3 and when they operated they said his Tonsils were the size of a 7 year olds.Thats scary.

So hope I've helped a little

My son is 3 month's old and does the same thing. He sound's like a toddler who has cried really hard and can't catch there breath and take those hesitating breaths.My doctor said not to worry unless his chest is sunk in like he can't get enough air or his lip's turn bluish. We also thought he might have silent reflex.. it is scarey and I find myself staring at him waiting for something to happen. I pray nothing will. Good luck....


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