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Hi Natski, another really good website that I was given by the surgeons is .
That is how I learned more about Miles. It is fully explanatory and gives you diagnoses and procedures of all that is done. I foud it really helpful having everything from Miles' ECG results, his x-rays and Discharge and Coding summaries all in a clear file with the information that I printed off this website. It is really handy if you have to go to the hospital in a hurry - which we have done a few times - and all you have to do is pick up the one file. I have now got a bag packed and ready to go with Miles' file in it and spare clothes, nappies etc. it's also good to have everything in a file so you don't lose any of the sheets of information and you know where everything is. Thanks for your kind thoughts, ours are with you also. I think that maybe you should tell your son that his baby brother has got a problem with his heart - depending on his age. I have two nieces - one is five and the other is three - and they both know that Miles has a problem with his heart so that they have to be extra careful around him when they come over to play. If you want - here's my e-mail address - if you want to talk.
Take care natski and little braeden.
Julia, Josh and Miles
I think my mum should be replying to this because i have almost the exact same condition as your son. I was born with a hole in my heart and severe narrowing of my pulmonary valve, which was also called "Tetralogy of Fallot", but i am now 25 years old with a healthy 5 month old boy. I still need check-ups now and again, but other than that i am healthy, and i had my operations almost 20 years ago, so imagine what they have learned now. If you what to chat about anything feel free to email me at

Nicky, SA

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