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Hi there, I had my babys first lot of immunisation injections at 6weeks, now he is just over 3 months and I have been prograstinating over whether I should follow through with the rest of them. Has anyone else been in the same predicament or feel like they should but shouldn't. I hated it when he had them done and now wonder whether it was the right thing to do?


Hello my bub is 7 months old now and just had his 6 month immunisation. after his 3 month needles, i new it was best for him to have them all but wasnt going to go into the doctor surgery with him for the next lot. It broke my heart to see him so upset, and also after the first lot of needles he was
crying for about 20 minutes
very sleepy slept for 5 hours straight (unusal for him) and then woke up for an hour and a half screaming., but didnt think of panadole (silly me). When it was time for his 6 month needles i thought he would rather me there comforting him so i went in and i was so surprised at how much better he was. He only cried for about 30 seconds and was fine i gave him a dose of panadole half and hour before he had them and then 4 hours after that and he was a gem. they say that every needle gets better for them and its the start to lifetime protection for them. it may seem bad now but imagine if they were to accually get any of these things they were immunised for, it would be a lot worse. its funny because my 4 and half year old had to have his immunisations ant the same time as my three month old, i though omg he is gonna no whats going on, he never even cryed he just said THAT WAS OUCH and whispered it so the doctor and nurse didnt here. But at my doctors they do both needles at the same time.So with bubs they both do 1 needle in each leg (doctor and midwife) and in the arm for my older 1. hope this game u some insite:) look foward to hearing from u byebye

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Hello VWParis, I was feeling the same when I had to take my DS2 to the doctor for his 3 months and 5 months immunisation; especially after watching the meningitis program on tv sad. My DS2 is now 6 months old and has had the 6W,3M and 5M; and he is doing fine, he didn't have any reaction to the 6w and 3 m ones but with the 5 months one he had fever ( 38+) for like 2 days and was also quite sleepy. My DS1 had all the jabs with the exception of the 4 year old one, and he never had any reactions. I think it's better to have them immunized, and most of the time the reaction to the jab is quite mild.
You can try giving some Panadol 1/2 hour before the jab, and also ( if you're breastfeeding) try feeding him while he is getting it...after they had it lots of TLC works wonder hehe:).
Think that the jab might just cause pain for 20 seconds but it's much better than actually getting the disease.
wish you all the best !!!

2 beautiful boys:)]

i'm sorry it's Pamol for babies not panadol

2 beautiful boys:)]

I guess you are the only one that can make the decision.

Was the problem you have to do with seeing your bub in pain or that your not sure if it's necessary(sp) for it to be done?

I guess if your not sure about whether you should do it then you should do some research online to see the pro's and cons and make your decision from there. Or even talk to doctor although they may not be constructive from both sides.

If you dont want to see your bubba in pain, is there anyone else that could take him to get it done?

I have got both my DD's all of their immunisations so far and will continue with them.
luckily both my girls have only cried for about 20 seconds and been fine and had no reactions.

Good luck with your decision

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Hi to you all that answered....thanks so much for your help/opinions... I have decided to go ahead and get his immunisations done again... this will be done on Tuesday so wish me luck. The reason for my second thoughts on it was a few things really, firstly because I probably cried more than he did, I just hated it, and because I have spoken to a few people about their own opinions and I can't believe how many of them are against it also, but reading and listening and thinking I have decided it is best for my little man.. So think of me on Tuesday morning probably bawling my eyes out but afterwards I'll treat him and myself to some shopping - a bit of retail therapy and maybe some chocolate smile


I prefer to have them done because the idea of bubby getting any of the nasties that can make him so sick is awful. Also when or if he had to go into childcare you have to pay the full fees if your child is not immunised and as with school if a disease breaks out your child has to be excluded from the environment for up to 2 weeks and if you are working it can be very difficult as a lot of employers are not very helpful or understanding when kids get sick.
Good luck with the shots tomorrow.

I'm sure you will both be fine

Shopping sounds like a good idea something to cheer you up afterwards

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

It is definitely hard to watch them get their needles, but it is so much better than if they were to get the illnesses we're immunising them against. Try and give him some panadol about an hour before his appt, that's what we do and there's usually only tears for a minute or so. Good luck!
My CHN tol me that you should NEVER give bub panadol before their needles?? She said afterwards is fine, but not before? Has anyone else found this?
Hi Deedee,

Yup, my CHN told me the same thing, but she told me not to give it all unless they show signs of fever. Because if you give them panadol before the injections it can mask the symptoms of a reaction, if they do get any, and that's also why you probably really shouldn't give them anything unless they show any reaction to the needles.
And also, I have never been in with my darling son for this injections. My hubby went in for his first ones, then my mum has been for the 2nd and 3rd ones. I stood outside the door, waited for them to tell me it was done then when in and cuddled him. I could hear him crying from where I was and I had tears. I couldn't be in there and hold him still enough for them to do it, I'd be shaking like a life.
Sorry for rambling, good luck to all getting bubs immunised
Hello there everyone.. I just love this forum. Thanks again for all the info. Well I had my little darlings second lot of injections done and it wasn't as bad as the first lot. He bruised again and has a lump but will go away again. Actually found the Johnsons Lavender Oil is very good. I am pleased I have done it now but at the time I wasn't. I didn't know about not giving Pamol before getting his injections but then my Doc/Nurse has always said to give Pamol before hand. I did give him some before going but I don't give him the recommended dosage I give him half of what they tell me to give him. Well at least its done now and the retail therapy helped afterwards as well, got my bubs a few cute little outfits to make him and me feel better. Thanks again to you all.


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