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conjunctivitis! ARGH what a nightmare... Lock Rss

Hey all
My daughter has had conjunctivitis for about a week now. she has had it once before this and it wasnt really bad, lasted a couple of days and didnt need any medication. THis time she had it for about 4 days then over the weekend in a 20minute sleep in the car DRAMATICALLY got worse and she all of a sudden couldnt even open one of her eyes it was that gunked up! I had to take her to the doctor. We got drops for it, but he said it would clear in 2-3days. Well the chemist said 3-4days. What do i believe? on the 2nd day on the drops it seemed to be doing really well today being her 3rd day she progressivly got worse (both eyes green loogas) So i will continue the drops tomorrow. But how long should it last? and how long can i keep using drops for? should i just take her back to the doctor?
Cheers, and thanks for listening
x -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

I would take her back especially with the long weekend coming up. I always say if you think you should go to the doctor you're probably right. A mother knows best.

Have you tried using salt water when cleaning her eyes? Or even cold tea is very soothing.
Hey Leia!
Your bub may not have conjunctivitis...thats what I thought my DS had (a while ago) but it was actually a sticky eye/blocked tear duct...which is like conjunctivitis...
they have this paste stuff for bubs eye but it doesnt work all the time...
It can last up to a year and if it goes over they have an operation to losen the duct...
Ask your dr about it...
My babe had it for about 2months and it just dissapeard...
Hope this helps

Melody, NZ AKLD, and DS Josiah 15months

Hi Leia

I concur with Melody. My little bub had a sticky eye on and off since birth and it got really bad at 5months. I took her to the dr's who said she had conjunctivitis but after using antibiotic drops for 2wks and seeing 3 different GP's (the first 2 said to keep pumping in the antibiotics which I did not agree with as they were having no effect) I finally convinced them to send me to an eye specialist who simply told me she had a blocked tear duct. She told me how to massage the eye properly and after 1wk of doing this it disappeared (thank god!!). I was so over cleaning her eye every few minutes and also getting those strange looks from people in the street as she always had gunk in her eye the poor poppet.

Apparently if it doesn't clear up by the time she's 1 there is a surgical procedure they can do to clear it but because this requires a general anisthetic they prefer not to do it until they are 1. Until then just clean it and massage the tear duct. Good luck!!

My son is nearly 11 months old and has a blocked tear duct since birth i was hoping that it would fix itself but the dr said if it hasnt cleared up by 12 months then he would need surgery. i would like to hear from anyone who has been through this as i am really worried

Chantelle-QLD... DS 16/6/06---DS5/8/04

Hey Chantelle,

My first DS had to have this operation on his eyes when he was 9 months of age. He had continual eye infections/gunky eyes (it never went away) so the eye specialist decided that it was best to do the op early.

The operation is done under a general anaesthetic and only took about 30 mins start to finish. The hardest thing for us was leaving him so that they could sedate him. They use a small hair like instrument to break the closed membrane inside the tear duct. Robert also had to have them drained as there was a lot of puss build up. He was in no pain afterwards and was home that same day.

Was the best thing we did as he has never had any gunk in his eyes since.

Hope everything goes well for your little man.

Trudie xxx

[Edited on 10/05/2007]

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

Hi Chantelle,I have been down the blocked tear duct road twice and now it looks like it will be a third time as my 3 month old DD's tear duct have remained closed as well.. sigh
My eldest (DS) had his tear duct probed at about 9 months and the doc said it was unsuccessful but the duct opened itself about 2 weeks later so all was good. My DD also had her ducts operated on at about 9 months and the doc said the surgery was successful but he was wrong and the duct remained a problem. The doc wanted to sew a tube into her tear duct and leave it for 6 months to fix the problem - I said no, that I wanted to try the probing again... so her ducts were probed for a second time and again the doc said it was a success but the problem remained so we resigned ourselves for further surgery (the dreaded tube) but about 3 weeks before she was due for her third op, the duct spontaneously opened and we have had no more problems. I did take her to a 'bigger' eye specialist in Brisbane who said that she simply had slow draining ducts (which can be heriditary) and that she woulld 'grow out of it' and that she should never have been operated on in the first place! I was cranky cause we had put her through two lots of surery for nothing! The Brisbane specialist said that he would not touch a baby's tear ducts until they reached the age of 2 because in nearly all cases the ducts will correct them by then.
Now with my youngest I am going to let nature take its course and allow time for the ducts to open themselves.
Oh and by the way, the specialist also said that massaging the ducts did nothing physically to help the tear ducts open - it was something they told mums to do so they would think they were helping wink
Sorry about the long post but I just thought I would share my story with you and let you know that you don't have to rush into surgery and that it may pay to get a second opinion. If you do choose to go down the surgery road then I can let you know what to expect.

Jodie, QLD, DS (6), DD (5), DD (1)

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