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Teething Lock Rss


My son is 8 months old and has 3 bottom teeth. I can now see the top 2 side eye teeth. Is it normal to get the eye teeth before the middle top teeth???

Belinda, NSW, 8mth baby boy

dont stress ... both of my two got all their teeth in the 'wrong' order ... it seems to hurt them a bit more but they survive! my 1 y.o. only starting getting teeth at 9 months but now has 6 which he got all wrong! It might not be normal but it wont hurt them for too long!

sa, girl 3 & boy 1

My daughter(1 yr old) has had her 2 bottom front teeth for months and has continued teething signs but no more teeth yet just very lumpy gums. This last week everything has been multiplied and I was wondering what sort of symptoms your child displayed. At the moment she has very bad diaorhea a runny nose and just wants to sleep. It could be that she is actually ill, will see Dr tomorrow but still interested in symptoms.

Jenni,1yr old bub, Vic

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