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hi guys,
this looks like a very hot topic.... I am a beauty therapist and mother of 4 month old baby caitlyn. I have severe eczema and caitlyn is looking like she has some starting. I did my thesis in training on eczema and i agree it is all trial and era. However if your babies are too young for omega 3 and 6 then you can take up to 3000mg daily if you are breast feeding (these oild also help brain development, there is an interesting study on links between lack of omega oils and adhd) Evening primrose oil rubbed directly on skin is helpful and always keep baby cool. The reason it's not a ggod idea to use ecessive amounts of crtioco steriods on babys is because it is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands and you don't really want to be playing with sort ofg stuff unless you really have to, and sometimes you have to... you can't leave baby red and bleeding. Hope i have helped a little

michelle, auckland

sudocream is awesome. my 3 month old has bad ezcema an d this seems to be helping. you buy it from any supermarket.

kel, 3year old and 3 month old

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