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Hi there, our son had really red eye lids right from birth our DR said it was ezcema and recomended SIGMACORT 1% cream 3 times a day. The eyes calmed down but then he developed patches all over his head a few spots on his legs and a patch on his tummy, i put the cream on all patches but it did'nt clear up the DR said put it on more (up to 20 times a day) so i did but still no change, all thru my life i have had ezcema ( probably where Austinn gets it ) as an adult i have used CELESTONE M OINTMENT on my ezcema and it has cleared it up in days so i decided to use it on Austinn and bingo it was gone in days, i only use it sparingly as it has cortizone in it and i never put it on his face, i bath him only in warm water and use sorbalene as a soap. Question, can anyone tell me why we can't use cortizone on infants?

Austinn's mum

For years my mother and others used a product from Nutrimetics called OLC (Organic Lotion Concentrate) and when I had my little boy and he started to get a bit of ezcema, I stopped using the J&J body products altogether and only used the OLC in his bath. I thought it would be nice to occasionally use the J&J every now and then, but no good. I also use the Nutri-Rich Oil for a moisturiser and for all his creases and as a nappy cream. No nappy rash and very little irritation as it is a natural product.

I also use the Nutrimetics Laundry detergent CLC as it is very mild and again natural and no allergies there whereas I am sure some of the other products I have used such as the soakers do irritate.

Just be very careful if people try to cure your baby's ezcema as the cure can bring on asthma as it happened to my brother when he was a baby. Just treat it and try alternative methods, such as diet.

I can put you in touch with some consultants if you would like to try it.
I asked our Specialist about using Celestone cream. She said it was okay to use on the body sparingly but it is a no no on the face, which you said you did not use it there at all.

But she explained that what happens with this cream, it seems to clear it up but then what it can do is create another rash, which looks like acne. That was the best explaination I got.

I am not sure why we should not use steroid creams/ointments on our babies. but someone said it was because our skin got use to it and then it just needed a stronger and stronger cream.

Who knows, I hate ezcema, I don't have it, no one in my family has it except my baby, we had a prescription cream which we could use for 3 days, and it cleared it up perfectly, he looked like a different baby. He also had a patch on the back of his neck, and it has gone.

Although it has been 5 days and I can see spots coming up on his face again. I think he is allergic to something, but what I do not know?

If anyone is in Adelaide, and their child is 12months or over they are doing a clinical trial at the Womens and Childrens Hospital for children with Excema, I don't know who you should call, but I would call the main number 08 81617000 and just explain what you are looking for.
hi from my experience with ezcema i have found that every child and every case is different. what works for one person doesn't mean that it will work for the next, i think that you have to find the right cream for you. i have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and she has ezcema. i have tried every herbal cream out there and none work. i even took her to a naturapath and she did some tests and she told me to change her diet. that was fair enough but she told me to cut out potatoes, tomatoes, any wheat flour, oranges, cheese, msg. that was impossible she had to eat something, she couldn't live on rice cakes!! so i went to the dr and she was prescribed egocort but even that didn't work so we took her back and he then prescribed betnovate and it work straight away. within 48 hours nearly all her red rash was gone. I only later found out that betnovate was a cortisone cream so i only use it when it flares up, i use sorbolene cream daily to keep her skin moisterised. she is going ok but i haven't found a cure.
my six month old twins have bad ezcema on their face, neck, underarms, ankles,legs etc I have tried everything too with no progress clean cotton sheets with an alergy free detergent. they wear cotton clothing (helps abit) put cotton sheets on the carpet for them to play on.
Tried cortisone, qv bath oil by ego ,sorbelene cream etc nothing seems to work. until the past week i tried not to bath them as long, one day just use water and then put on paw paw oinment for their dryness i have noticed an Improvenment on one of the twins. the next day just a bit of qv bath oil in the water. I personally think they are lactose interlant and am getting tests because the also have reflux and colic. they doctor did a poo sample ajnd will let me know.

twin boys 6 months old

Hi Justine,
My daughter has bouts of ezcema & apparently it can be triggered by food intolerences. We are now on an elimination diet under the Allergy Clinic at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital here in Sydney. Their number is (02) 9565 1464. Try this as it might be helpful.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

My baby girl's eczema flared for the second time after her 4 month immunization - looking back in her health records I found that the first time her skin flared up with eczema was a few days after her 2 month immunization! A GP who specialises in the area of Immunization recommended that I give my baby panadol prior to immunizing to help her temperature as heat flares up the eczema. I was prescribed and "did use" CelestoneM and Sigmacort.
I have been using Cetaphil wash to clean her down in the bath every two days and Cetaphil moisturising lotion several times a day on her body - it works well when her eczema is under control. I have found Greenridge's Chickweed Gel great at reducing itch and cooling the skin plus Greenridge's Chickweed Compound smoothed over the red patches each night (till there gone) works but your baby will have a fishy smell. We use Graham's Bath Oil (1 capful) in the bath - her skin improved after 4 days (two baths!) - silky smooth and soft.
My baby is breastfed and I have cut out of my diet the following: tea, coffee, sugar, almonds and dried apricots (all of which I had regularly) and have included in my diet two salads daily with 2 T of linseed oil plus 3 cups of dandelion tea - my baby's skin improved greatly within 4 days! There are still some patches but it improved greatly within a short time. I hope this note helps other mothers -- as I was very distressed and worried about my buba.
I replied to Bree's comment on eczema, and what I had to say to her was that a product called Lucas' PawPaw ointment has helped my son drastically where now I have begun using it in myself as I am a chronic eczema sufferer. I have only just begun using it, so I will keep you posted. The ointment should be able to be found in most chemists or health stores. Hope all goes well and good luck!


my son has exema not that bad but I imediately went off dairy I still eat chocolate sometimes cant help those cravings. But it really helped its not that bad to have soy milk or rice milk and is better for you too in the long run. I also now use weleda exema cream which is great.
My son has also bad eczema and he started having it since he was about 6-8 weeks old. We tried Sigamcort 1% initially and it gave temporary relief but got worse to the extent that we have to use a stronger cream Celestone M. It is now kind of under control but flares up so often that it seems i am using Celestone M almost every other day. With earlier suggestions with Lucas Paw paw and Calendulis Plus, i might think of giving them a go. With eczema, it can only be managed but not be cured. Hopefully our little bubs can grow out of Best to continue with the bath oils, moisturisers( i am using Dermeze- liquid paraffin based moisturiser) and avoiding irritants to their skins ( be it allergens, soaps etc). But my problem is my son has seems to taken to a habit of scatching his head when he sleeps at night and it kind of wake him up from his sleep. Only suggestions on how to settle him so that he will be able to sleep through the night..??

minnie, VIC

HI Justine,
My little boy who is 2 years old gets ezcema pretty much all over in patches, My doctor also prescribed Sigmacort that I did try but found that it only works for a little while than it comes straight back again, I have also tryed another prescribed cream that made it worse.
Tea Tree Soap and other Tea Tree Products I find work quite well.
Also it might be an idea to talk to a Natrapath in your local health store for some ideas, I have heard its very worth while.
Best Luck.....
HI,, i have tried and found to work, a product called MEDIHONEY Eczema Cream.. it contains honey and can be bought from a pharmacy...
good luck everyone and i hope you find some relief soon..
merry christmas..

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

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