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my little one has a red birthmark on her head. lucky though she has heaps of black hair to cover. anyone else have same. about the size of thumb nail & raised red blotches
My daughter Abby has 2 strawberry birthmarks - one on her upper thigh about the size of a 20 cent piece and the other one on her head about the size of a 5 cent piece. The one on her head is quite raised and i was really stressed about it when i first noticed it. (We didn't see it until she started losing her baby hair, but now it is concealed again by new growth!). The doctor said they will disappear before she starts school and they will begin to breakup and almost dissolve away - very interesting looking things, aren't they?

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We are off to the DR tomorrow & will get them to check. She dosent seem to worry her @ all and i am always checking to see if its changed size & or colour. it has a little lump @ the base of the mark. I am hoping that it will be O.K.
Laura was born by C-section. all the nurses ask first is "was she born with the forcepts.

I only noticed it about 2-3 weeks after bringing her home from hospital. She if happy and sitting/arching right up high when on tummy.
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both my babies were born with mongolian blue spots..
jennie, how long did this last on your kids? As I am told it should fade by 12mths. My first child was born with it, he has just turned 3yrs and still has it with no fading at all. Infact when he's cold it is worse. Be interested in hearing from you.

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Hi Kirsty!
go figure my baby boy has the same spot, it does seem to be fading now, as you know he is almost the same age as your Kane,


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Hi my daughter Tiana has a strawberry birth mark on her leg it was fully red about the size of a 50 cent piece. She is now 7 months old and is breaking up and fading away quite quickly! I wouldn't worry to much apparently they eventually go away.
My girl has marks on the back of her head, just above the neck. However out of 9 babies in my mothers group, 6 have the same marks, which are all starting to break up and fade. Gemma also has a few strawberry birthmarks on her lower back, right where she will probably want to get a tattoo when she gets to the rebellious age!!! LOL! These are slightly fading, but not at the rate of the ones on her head.

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Its very common for strawberry birthmarks on the head.. and it doesnt always fade i am 19 and still have mine i didnt realise until i shaved my head for cancer. and my daughter who is 3.6 years also still has her's. straberry brithmarks are not a concern its it latte ones that are and that is only if they have more then 3 that get bigger then a 20cent piece. i was explained this because my son has the latte birthmarks and we have to keep a close eye on them. but other then that i wouldnt be concerned.
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My almost three year old was born with the slightly raised strawberry marks on his back and we were told as he grows they don't so by the time he is around 3 or 4 they will have disappeared and they almost have, so am guessing by the time he is 4 and an even "bigger kid" (his words) they will have disappeared altogether it is funny looking back at the old photo's and how much bigger they seemed.


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hi, my daughter who is 4 had one on her forehhead and on the back of her head. you cant really notice it but when shes sick or been crying it really becomes noticable. im not worried about it though. my son whos almost 11months has it too same spots but his is redder but im sure it will fade just like hers but he has a brown birthmark on his leg about the size of a 5cent piece and itys very dark and noticable but i dont think it will bother him as boys are no where near as worried about things like that as girls are. i think its cute.


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What is the diference in the Latte birthmark you mentioned?
Laura's is soft to touch, size of my thumb-nail. still very blotches. It hasnt seemed to change size or colour at all.
My doc says to monitor it and it should go away.Just always worried about her rolling and hitting her head on it. she is just 6months now.


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