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Reflux worries Rss

My bub has had reflux since born, she was in screaming pain and vomitted all the time until she was around 3 months, when the doc prescribed zantac. Well the screaming and uncomfortability stopped for her (thank you!) but her vomitting settled down only slightly.
She is now 8 months old and still reguarly vomits, after every feed and on and off until she is fed again. Although the medication helps, i really wonder how long will it be before she stops this constant vomitting. How old were your babies when they stopped vomitting. Did you all use zantac. I have tried all of the obvious things in helping a reflux baby, we still do many of these, tilting the cot mattress, keeping her upright after feeding, etc. I go to my doc who tells me that she should outgrow it by 1 year old. But so far i still don't see it settling down since being on the medication. Poor darling, otherwise a happy healthy baby.

Kelly, Vic, DD 07/04/04 & DD 29/04/08

Hi Kelly
My elder son George had problems until he was around 16 months old, he was much better after he started walking at just over 1 year, but still had the occasional chuck after that. We didn't use any medication as he was what is described as a happy chucker, and the one time we did try Infant Gaviscon he spent the entire day complaining. Admittedly he kept his food down, but was unable to burp so was very uncomfortable.
My understanding is most babies are either all better or much improved by 1 year, but I think the main thing that helped George was simply that he was upright all the time during the day after he started walking.
I hope this helps

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04


Not every babe grows out of reflux by one year. There are some who continue to reflux till 18 months or a little older. Often the reflux improves when they start walking, less pressure on the stomach, plus when crawling the stomach is still tilted horizontically, as well as sitting puts more pressure on the stomach. As long as the zantac is helping the discomfort that the reflux is causing, helps. I know the anxious time, if only the vomiting will stop, because it sure is a hassle when they are mobile and having to mop up after them, the poor floor.
Donna (GRSIC)

mum of 5 -

My son has also had reflux since he was born, and it's the worst! He goes through so many clothes each day and the poor thing is constantly wearing a bib. He's on zantac as well, but is now used to the taste. the doctor increased his dose to 2.5ml and i had to stop breast feeding and put him onto karicare senseikare thickened formula. Solids is also helping a bit. But there's nothing worse when you give them a bath 2 hrs after a feed and they're nice a clean, then they chuck up everywhere!

Di, vic, Jai born 17/8/04

Kelly, I was just about to post a similar topic myself, so I hope someone has an answer for you! My son is 3 months and has been put on Zantac. The change in him has been amazing; he has gone from a screaming, miserable little man to a very happy baby. Unfortunately, though, the Zantac seems to have actually made his vomiting worse, to the point that I'm worried he's taking in any food at all. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience with Zantac? My dr has talked about trying Losec, which I am considering, so any thoughts from those who've used it would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

Kara, TAS, 2 boys (4 yrs & 5 wks)

I wanted to get my son put onto Losec but my doctor wouldn't do it because they were tablets. Can you get it in liquid form?

Di, vic, Jai born 17/8/04

HI all

my 3 month old daughter has reflux the doctor she made us change her formula to s26 AR (anti-reflux) she only been on it a day and can already see the difference

Hi all
My 5 month old has had reflux since he was born. Finally after 4 months of waiting , we have finally been to see a specialist. He has been put on Renitidine and it seems to be making a big difference. Still it hasn't stopped him spilling. The doctors say it just takes time and he will grow out of it eventually. Until then I guess I just have to try and keep up with the washing of his wet clothes.
Our twins were on losec which is stronger than Zantac, which they hated. But our paediatrician put them on losec syrup, otherwise you have to grind the losesc tablet add water and draw it up with a syringe. The losec syrup was great and they are now off it completely (14 months old and put on it at 14 weeks) The syrup is is suspension and you will need to find a suspension chemist - a chemist that suspends medication into a liquid. It cost us around $43 for 100 ml bottle but with twins we got 2 bottles and paid $70. We could claim part of this back on private health.
It's called omeprazole suspension - is refrigerated and thrown out after one month. It takes about three days to start working and you can't suddenly stop giving it as it makes the acid production increase. Can't recommend this stuff enough - fantastic.


yes you can - losec syrup in suspension - must be made up by a chemist that is a suspension chemist. I've responded to this just before so I don't know if I'm just retyping this.


Thanks for all your replies, Ruby is 10 months old now and i is still on the zantac, i tried weaning her off again, a few weeks ago, but she was not happy, the vomitting increased dramatically so i put her back on and she has gone back to normal again, normal being generally happy all the time, and vomitting is minimal, depending on the day.
Can't wait for the day when i don't have to give it to her anymore. It is really reassuring to know that a lot of other mums are in the same boat, some are even worse, take care all

Kelly, Vic, DD 07/04/04 & DD 29/04/08

We haven't given Jai Zantac for a couple of days now (just because we've run out) but i've noticed no change in him what so ever! His behaviour is the same and his vomitting is the same too!

Appart from that i think that stuff made him become addicted to medicines!

Di, vic, Jai born 17/8/04

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