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heard of Ambrotose and Phyt Aloe fo reflux? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Have anyone heard of Ambrotose and Phyt Aloe? A friend gave us both of these bottles for our baby Emma who's two months old. They say it helped thier baby who had reflux. Emma is also a reflux baby. You take the stuff out of the capuals and give it to twice a day. I haven't used them yet and is wondering if anyone out there has tried it. If so, did it work and how do you feel about it? I'm not sure wether to use it or not as doc here don't know much about it. Thanks

Jessica, emma age 2 months

Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06

I haven't heard of that product.
My twins both have reflux too and still have it at six months the crying goes on and on.
The specialist prescribed a tablet called Losec tablets 10 ml gm .It doesnt stop the vomiting must but it helps with the pain. It is given one time daily and helps them calm down and sleep a bit more.
I suggest you try it. Because lots of people i know use it too.

twin boys 6 months old

could you keep in touch? [email protected]


Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06

hi, my daughter also has relfux, she has the pain and the vomiting. she is on medication called Zantac 3 times a day, mylanta before every bottle. She is also on a thick formula, the doctor also tired a prepulsid to help with the vomiting but it didnt work. so we have stopped that. the vomiting doesnt borther me it is just the screaming when she is in to hear from other mums with babies with relux....

Tania,SYD,13mth girl. [email protected]

hi my 3 month old is on zantac twice a day and seems to be a lot better than she has been she only takes 50-75 mls a feed but is putting on weight so the docs are not to worried about the amout she is taking feel free to email if you want to chat [email protected]
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