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I have a 10 month old little girl and she has just developed her first head cold. She has a very runny nose and a slight chesty cough. Has anyone got any remedies to help her to sleep at night as she is quite miserable being unable to breath through her nose and waking regularly due to this?? I am feeling useless and upset to see her suffering and would greatly appreciate any advice on this subject.


Terri and Holly (10months)

Terri, NSW, 8 mth baby

Hi Terri,
We all got head colds a couple of months ago, so we invested in a vapouriser to use at night and it helped all three of us. I also used to hold our baby over the bathroom basin filled with hot water and let him inhale the steam once or twice a day. Or alternatively you could take her into the shower. It worked really well, he choked and gagged a little as so much stuff literally came out of his nose and chest, but it really cleared him up. We also used some saline nasal drops to help loosen up the congestion and gave him some Dimetapp. You can also try Eukybear rub to rub on his chest, back and throat. They all worked a treat. He got over his cold faster than I did. We also raised up the head of his cot with some drawers/phonebooks to help it run down his throat and not choke him. Just make sure to keep her warm and monitor the cough. You dont want croup.
Good luck.
Another thing. You can also give her Panadol if you think she is in pain with a sore head, etc.
Hi Terri
Another thing you can try is putting the rub on the soles of her feet. An old wives tale however it worked for us.
Also important to keep her room warm if you can especially during the night.
Hannah seemed to benefit alot from the bed being raised slightly. We put a pillow under the matteress.

Karen, SA, 9mth baby

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