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Do you fight in front of the Children with DH/DP Lock Rss

Hi All, just wondering when you have an agrument with your repsective hubby/partner, do you fight in front of the kids? My Hubby believes it is healthy for the kids to see us fight and then resolve the issue. He thinks that the kids need to see M & D in their true, not just think we are perfect in a perfect marriage. I can see some benfit in this......... Does anyone disagree or agree with this approach. Would love to hear your opinions, Naomi.
I have to say that DH and I don't really fight, sounds like bull but we tend to go quiet on each other when we are peeved and we are pretty intune to what is wrong with the other. It's probably worse that we do this but that's just us.
I think that so long as it's not physical, or verbally abusive (or putting the otherone down) or flat out screaming at the top of your lungs then I'd have to agree. I think that children need to see both affection between M & D and problem soling and compromise.
Good thread!

Mum of 2 boys 3 1/2 and 19wks

Hi Naomi, as a child I cannot ever remember my parents fighting/arguing. As a teenager I can remember little spats between my parents, and their being a bit of a cold shoulder given to each other, and I know that these still happen now occasionally with them. Boy does my mum know how to give the silent treatment!!!!!
Anyway back to your thread..... I think lively disscussions are no problem, but you do not want to set bad examples with name calling or putting each other down in front of them. With kids you are their role models and want to create a safe and happy enviroment. They will need to learn how to have discussions and debates with their peers and family members, so if you can be constructive and not destructive then go for it.


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